A Year in Review, According to Instagram

I decided to take a look back at the last year via Instagram and thought I would share the months with you guys!! 2017 was such a fun year. Lots of laughter, new adventures, pushing ourselves to try new things, and learning and loving along the way!


For Christmas we got a new microwave and we finally got it installed in January, making it a really REALLY exciting time for us! There was a giant hole there for FAR too long. HA!

We celebrated THREE years of marriage in 2017 and I can’t believe year four is right around the corner!

We spent another year in San Fran for a work party and it was so much fun. We always have the best time there and I am thankful for these memories.


Our sweet girl turned SEVEN!


We spent a weekend in Mexico and loved every second of it. And I love every second of these two. They are adorable.

We filmed out first temple sealing video at the Gilbert Temple. It was my first time being up close and personal with a Temple and it was so so beautiful. I think of this day often and I am so happy we got to film that!


We did a fun camping trip to Payson, Arizona with our siblings!


May…the month our sweet baby was due. I will never forget how LOVED I felt on the day of our due date. This town sure knows how to make a girl feel special, even when this was one of the hardest days of my life.

We did the BIG CHOP…and she loved it more than ANYTHING!

We spent another amazing year at Circus Mexicus in Rocky Point, Mexico! We love this weekend more than anything and it is the perfect escape! (Fun fact: we got engaged right before Circus Mexicus in 2013!)

We celebrated this guys birthday over the summer.

I had the best weekend ever while doing a girls trip to Palm Springs, California!


Spent my birthday in Vegas with this stud. I’m ready to go back! Anyone want to go?!
We started SECOND GRADE!


We (my husband) cleared out our back lot and I can’t wait to see it filled with fruits and veggies come spring & summer! It’s gonna be a good year in 2018 for the farm!

WE ALSO GOT CHICKENS AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Sadly, they are being free-loaders right now. But WHATEVS!


This year was an amazing year for our cinematography business. We traveled to New Mexico to shoot one of my favorite weddings to date!

We had the best Halloween!


We went to church more this year than any other year.

I baked pies for Thanksgiving and I LOVED it!


We became closer to these cool kids and I couldn’t be happier. Such sweet and down to earth people and I am so thankful for our friendship.

After years of talking about it, we finally did Temple Lights. And it was beautiful. And magical. And I loved it.

This year was amazing. It really was. I am so excited about all the adventures 2018 is going to bring our way!



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Visiting The Petrified Forest National Park

We FINALLY did it! Four years of living 30 minutes away and we FINALLY visited the Petrified Forest National Park. This was such a fun day trip for our family of three. If you’re in Arizona, you need to put this on your list of places to visit!
There are three National Parks in the state of Arizona and I feel so lucky to live so close to one of them.

I felt like the Petrified Forest was an easily doable trip if you are with kids or on your way to the Grand Canyon from anywhere. Seeing the huge pieces of petrified wood was truly something else. I always thought the Petrified Forest was going to be super lame (hey, just being honest) and it totally wasn’t! If our 7 year old loved it, that’s saying something! 😉

It is only about a 15 min. drive from Holbrook and 30 mins from the coolest person in the internet land. So come stay with me and we can go together. 😉

I would love to go back again and do more of the hikes/trails. We did a short day there, and didn’t get through the full park. They had a lot of cool roads you could drive down that were one way loops with pull-outs to look and take pictures. For a lazy girl like me, I enjoyed the heck out of that! We loved the visitors center and thought it was a great kid friendly place!

Guys, the Petrified Forest was really cool. Please put it on your list of things to see in Arizona! I promise you won’t regret it.
What’s your favorite spot to visit in Arizona or surrounding states?! We want to add places to our list!!

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I’m Bad At Things….And That’s Okay!

We all know how hard it is raising kids, being a mom, being a wife, being a girl, or being a human being when social media is added to the picture. There is a stupid amount of stress to be the BEST at everything, look like you have your life together, and shine above all the rest. Well…that’s not me. That’s not me at ALL. I’m really bad at some things *cough* most things *cough* and I’m here to share them with YOU in hopes that YOU don’t feel alone or inadequate in a world that constantly shows off our best and better days. So here’s to being bad at things! CHEERS!

1) Hair.
I am so so bad at hair, you guys. My hair, my daughters hair, any other hair I lay my hands on. I can’t style for the life of me. I use Walmart shampoo and conditioner. I use Z E R O product to make it smooth or shiny or longer or ANYTHING else. My daughter is never the kid with cute hair at school or dance recitals. And guess what? I’ve learned to be okay with all of that. She may not have the cutest hair, but I love her a whole heck of a lot and I think THAT’S what matters as a mom.

2) Crafts.
If I never did another craft in my life, I would be fine with that. I don’t have a creative bone in my body and that will probably remain that way for the rest of my life.

3) Home Decorating.
My home looks like a cross between “having my life together” and “frat house”. We just cant seem to find a middle ground. And as I’m typing this, I have one set of blinds that are broken and multiple windows that don’t even have blinds. Y.O.L.O.

4) Keeping my gas tank full.
Nothing pains me more than filling up my gas. So I just don’t do it. It drives my husband insane. Someday I will learn…but until then…I’ll keep driving for miles after my “LOW FUEL” light comes on.

5) Cooking rice.
Guys, I wish I was kidding on this one. I can’t freaking cook it!!!

There’s a short list of things I’m bad at, and I’m okay with that! Do you have anything you’re bad at?!? Share with me!

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How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

*This post may contain affiliate links*

Alright guys….the blog post you’ve all been waiting for!
There is something truly delicious about your standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Does anyone else just CRAVE PB&J sometimes? Ahh. Pure bliss. Throw in a side of Gushers and a Capri Sun and you’ve got the perfect lunch for an average 7 year old….or Mom who is lazy and wanting nothing healthy. But HOW is a PB&J made?! Have no fear, I’m here to share! (You’re welcome.)

-2 Slices of Bread
-Peanut Butter
-Jelly or Jam

I like to start out with bread. However, you can also go with a croissant, bagel, or even hot dog buns if you’re feeling desperate enough. No shame, we’ve all been there!
I like to choose this 9 Grain bread because it convinces me I’m being somewhat healthy.

First we get our two pieces of bread out.

Then comes the peanut butter. Something along the lines of Skippy Peanut Butter, Natural Creamy, 40 Ounce* OR Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, 16 Ounce (Pack of 3)*
Spread this on one slice of your bread.

Next, choose your jelly (or jam, if you’re fancy!). Are you a strawberry or grape kind of person? We are predominately a grape jelly eating type of family, but you choose what fits you best. Here are a few ideas if you need them: Welch’s Squeeze Grape Jelly, 20 oz* OR Smucker’s Squeeze, Strawberry Fruit Spread, 20 oz*

You are going to take your jam or jelly of choice and spread it across the other slice of bread you have.

To finish off your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you will take both slices of bread and place one on top of the other, creating a whole sandwich. You must then decide if you are a “whole sandwich” kind of person or a “cut it and have two halves” kind of person. Either way will do.

And there you have it my friends! How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich! Pretty simple, right?! Let me know if you try out this recipe!
What should recipe should I share next?! Let me know in the comments below!

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The Perfect Holiday Dress | Bombshell Wife Life

If there is one thing I am REALLY bad at…it’s buying clothes for myself. Something about dropping money on myself literally makes me sick to my stomach. I usually think about something for months, maybe even years, before buying it for myself. I’m literally the worst.
So when it comes to shopping, the last thing I would call myself is “impulsive”.

We recently had our county fair, and as always, we walked around the booths to see if there was anything we couldn’t live without. Y’all. I saw this dress and almost DIED at how beautiful it was. The dress should have just said “Kaylin, BUY ME!” right across the front. Well….maybe not. Maybe I wouldn’t have bought it then. But maybe I would have? Okay…I digress….

This black dress is stunning. The detail of the flowers along the neck and shoulder line? UGH! KILLL MEEEEE. The length of the dress. The fabric. So. Dang. Beautiful! All of it!
This dress needed to be in my closet. And it needed to be in there now. I still had my birthday money (yes, my birthday was the beginning of August. I told you I’m bad about spending on myself!) and I decided THAT’S what I was going to use some of the money for. There was no thinking about it, no convincing myself not to buy it, none of that….I bought the damn dress. AND I AM SO IN LOVE!

I totally feel like I can wear it to work, to a Christmas party, an office party, a wedding, church, the grocery store on a Tuesday afternoon, a kids soccer game…WHERE EVER! It’s seriously THAT perfect!

I got this dress from a Shop Stevie rep and honestly…I’m not exactly sure how the company works, but FIND YOU THIS DRESS! I will tag my girl below, last I heard she had ONE left…..so RUN (or type quickly) over to her site! At $44, how can you say no to this type of perfection?
XOXO Shop Stevie Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/xoxoshopstevie/
XOXO Shop Stevie Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/xoxo.shopstevie/

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Finding Home

At what point in your adult life do you say “Yup! This is it for us! THIS is where we’re planting our roots!”? At what point do you just feel content and happy with where you are living, raising a family, and creating relationships that will last a lifetime?

I never had this moment. Maybe it’s the adventurer in me, but I never thought “THIS is HOME”. I always thought there might be something better, something more fun, or something more beautiful out there if we kept looking for it. The thought of settling down honestly scared me. If you know me, you know that I LOVE traditions. I love all things family, I love having parties, I love socializing, and I knew I wanted all those things in our forever hometown. Sadly, when we moved to my husbands hometown, I didn’t find that. I found myself on the outside looking in, and boy did it throw me for a loop. I was an outsider coming in on a VERY tight knit community. I was an outsider in a predominately LDS community.
I felt like an outsider in literally EVERY aspect of life when it came to this little town.

We had talked and talked on and off about where we wanted to end up. Did we want to be in the Valley closer to our siblings? Did we want to move where I grew up and raise out kids in the mountains? Did we want to road trip for a year and see what this country had to offer? We listed our house for sale and hoped for the best. I was praying so desperately for an escape from this town. I knew I needed it. I would literally cry myself to sleep because I NEEDED to leave. I BEGGED God for an answer. And he gave it to me.

He gave me an unsold house. And along with that, he gave me peace. He gave me joy and he gave me purpose and he gave me a new outlook on life. Funny how all of that can come from an unsold house. I woke up one day and I could fully and whole heartedly say “THIS is HOME”. This place is where we want to raise our kids, where we want to grow our family, and where we want to put up with each other forever.

This town has brought us a lot of happy times and a few not so happy times. We fought like hell for our marriage in this town, we grew our family in this town, we lost a baby living in this town, and ultimately…we fell so much in love with each other and our life in this town. We found friends in this town and we found a school we LOVE in this town. We found OUR home. There are no towns like this town of ours. Where people rally together when someone needs it, when strangers bring you dinner for a week straight because you need it, when someone needs a liver transplant and the first question asked is “where can I get tested to be a donor?”, when you’re out of cream cheese for a recipe and your friend has their son ride his bike to your house to drop some off to you…..and most of all, there are no towns that feel like HOME, except this one.
This windy, no stoplight, middle of no where town.

We’ve been fixing up our house for almost 4 years now, and I am so happy to finally call it our HOME. Home where traditions will be made. Home where holidays will be held. Home where our kids will grow up.
Here’s to the next 50 years here, babe! We did it. We found home.

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A Blog Post About Nothing

Man oh MAN!
Where have I been lately? Literally everywhere and no where. Our life has been a crazy whirlwind the last 6 months and I just feel like sometimes I can’t catch my breath. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way, right? I want to do a more “in depth” post sooner rather than later about what is going on in our life, but a small rant about pretty much nothing will have to do the trick for right now. Because I feel like writing and this is my blog so….cheers!

As many people know we’ve been trying to sell our house for the last few months and GEEZE it has been an emotional roller coaster. Trying to figure out this next big step in our life has been challenging and exciting and scary and frustrating and everything in between. Isn’t it funny how life works like that sometimes? All the emotions rolled into one. How do we stay sane?! (Well…TRY to stay sane, anyway!)

I truly can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end. Excuse me, what?! How is it even possible that we are going to have a second grader? The heartbreak with kids growing up is REAL, y’all! Why can’t they just stay little forever? Like it ACTUALLY hurts my heart that she’s growing up. But my GOODNESS is she growing up to be a heck of a lady! Beautiful, smart, kind, thoughtful….I just love that little doodle bug of ours.

In other exciting news…my sister and I are the proud new owners of a children’s consignment sale franchise. Say whaaaa?! Yup! We are the newest owners of Here We Grow Again – East Valley! So if you’re a mom like me who spends WAY too much money on kids clothes, shoes, and toys…this is the sale for you! Make back some $$$ on your out-grown clothes and shoes and also shop adorable clothing for your kiddos. It’s a win/win! Go “LIKE” our Facebook page!!!! (And tell your friends!)

I’ve been giving “monthly meal planning” a try. It’s been interesting. For the two weeks we’ve been doing it. HAHA! Check back in two weeks to see how we ended up doing!!

I wish I had more fun and exciting things to talk about, but this is real life….we all know how that goes! Especially with a low-key life like ours.
Sometimes I just really get the itch to write random things down, and decided to hit “publish” on this one. I hope you all are doing great! I miss you all. Give me blog post ideas so I can write more! Okay love you bye! PS MY BIRTHDAY IS IN ONE WEEK! HOLLER!

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Give Your Man A Woody….! – JORD Watches

Let’s face it, shopping for men is one of the hardest things EVER. Or maybe just for my man?! He’s a simple guy, doesn’t need much, and hardly asks for anything. M has never really been a “watch man”, but JORD Wooden Watches may have changed his mind!

STORY TIME! One year for MY birthday I felt so guilty about buying myself a nice, expensive watch that I had to counter and get him one, too. Naturally, right?! Needless to say…he never wore it. When his JORD watch was delivered, he wasn’t totally pumped because well…”he’s not a watch guy”….but as soon as he opened the package he fell in LOVE! He picked it up and couldn’t stop saying “wow! This is SO light!” He loved the look of it, the idea of a wooden watch, and honestly hasn’t taken it off since it arrived! So basically I’m the best wife ever for finding this cool gift, right?! 😉

The Watch He Got: http://www.woodwatches.com/series/conway/dark-sandalwood-and-burgundy/#bombshellwifelife

JORD has both men’s and women’s watches and after seeing his, I am surely ordering my own! These are both of my favorite women’s watches. Which one do you like more?! I’m seriously torn between the two.

I know I talked about this a little over on my Instagram page, but I am a complete sucker for good packaging. Guys, this box came it was so luxurious. The box it comes in, the packaging, everything just screamed high quality which I REALLY appreciate. These pictures don’t even do it justice, but I will try my best to show you what I mean…

JORD has been so overly gracious to send us this watch and to ALSO offer $100 off a watch to one of my wonderful readers! How amazing is that?! I have provided to link to enter on my Instagram page as well as right here: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/bombshellwifelife
Go enter and get yourself one of these amazing watches! If you’ve already entered or are entering from this blog post, leave a comment of….your favorite dessert! Then I know you’ve entered and we can further talk about delicious sweets!

Watch Gift Ideas

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All American Outfit | Girls Fashion Post

If you’re a girl mom (okay, a mom in general, who am I kidding?), you know how much fun it is buying clothes for little kids! I mean how the heck do they make it all SO darn cute?!

There is no denying that my little one has a love for fashion, so today we are bringing you a fashion post! Who’s excited?! *raises both hands* *does a little jig* *throws a party*

Have you heard of Switchables? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some of the cutest skirts for girls out there! Actually, Cassidy and her mother-in-law Gayla can make any sizes custom ordered. So moms, you can even get something to match you and your little. Or you can get your precious newborn an adorable skirt. Anyway…Switchables are a 2 for 1 type skirt. Switchable. Clever, right!?!

They were kind enough to send E her own skirt and it so perfect for all the 4th of July festivities coming up! Guys. I’m dying over this. And I want my own.

I am always so intrigued by what sparks people’s drive for starting their own business, so I had to ask a few questions to my sweet friend Cassidy.
1. What inspired your company WahlFlowerDesignsCo and the idea for Switchables?
“My two girls! Having girls brought out the crafty side and I wanted them to be matchy-matchy all the time!! So I made these for Easter outfits. They were rough at first. Haha. But since teaming up with my wonderful mother-in-law Gayla, the skirts are perfect!”

2. What has been your favorite part of having an online store?
“It has been fun learning! This is still so new to me and I’m learning so much about everything…even taxes!”

3. What has been your favorite print/Switchable so far?
“I love ALL our prints! Right now though, it’s definitely the All-American Switchable!”

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?!
“Ohhh this is a hard one! I haven’t really traveled much, so my list is long. I’m torn between Alaska and Bora Bora.” (MY KINDA GIRL!!!)

Cassidy and Gayla can make you a skirt for any occasion! Birthdays, summer festivities, because it’s a Wednesday…ANYTHING! Make sure you check them out. I love supporting mom-based businesses! Make sure to follow all the adorable things happening on their Instagram @wahlflowerdesignsco (and tell them I sent you! 😉 )

SKIRT: WahlFlowerDesignsCo – https://www.etsy.com/listing/530303929/reversible-pencil-skirt-for-girls?ref=shop_home_active_1

SHIRT: Old Navy (ON SALE RIGHT NOW!) – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=99571&pcid=6072&vid=1&pid=773497002

SHOES: Target – http://www.target.com/p/girls-lenita-dyeable-faux-leather-strappy-thong-sandals-cat-jack-153-brown/-/A-51487278



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The Real Reason No One Likes Your Direct Sales Company

I know I am going to ruffle a few feathers with this post. Blow a few skirts up. Put a few panties in a wad. One half being because I have been (and consider this my public apology to anyone I pissed off while with “that one company”)/am currently in direct sales, the other half being because what I am about to say is true. Buckle up.

We get it. You want to sling some product. Trust me when I say I am ALL ABOUT supporting other people, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc…HOWEVER, with that being said, there are a hell of a lot of things wrong with the way people go about direct sales…and I’m about to lay it ALL out for you.

If you think I can’t live without your product, you’re wrong. If I’ve said no, more than once, I probably don’t want it again on the 8th time you’ve asked me to try it. I’ve tried to be polite and you are being pushy. Stop.

If you think that making me feel bad for working a “traditional job” is working for you, it’s not. It actually makes me lose a lot of respect for you. Quit making people feel “less than” just because they are on a different path than you. So excuse me while I take my retirement, 401K, and health insurance and head on back to my 9-5 job. You’re right, it’s so terrible.

If I hear one more time how amazing of a mother you are because you chose a job you could do from your phone so other people don’t have to raise your children…I literally might scream. Whether you work a job inside or outside of the home, that should NEVER be the deciding factor on what type of mother you are. EVER.

Has being discreet and humble gone out the window when it comes to direct sales companies?! Y’all act like every nice thing you buy in the world you have to give credit to the “company allowing it to happen”. Maybe I just don’t like those types of personalities, but sheesh, tone it down!

You all know I love Jesus. With my whole heart. But I hate to break it to you, God didn’t send you an army of people to follow you in the business. “I just know God put me on this path of direct sales…” *chokes on my coffee* WHAT?!?! You are kidding me, right? Like that is an actual joke?

I understand some people do really well with direct sales. More power to you. I shop with direct sales companies, I use direct sales products, and there are products I truly, TRULY love. And THAT’S OKAY! What’s not okay is making other people feel inferior for not selling or liking your product. *vent session over* *mic drop*


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