Things I’m Bad At

For your entertainment, I present to you…the things I am bad at! 

1. Meal planning. In fact, I am writing this blog post in order to avoid meal planning. Do you meal plan? I need to find a simpler way of doing this! 

2. Using metal utensils on metal pans when I shouldn’t. Sometimes I just don’t have a clean rubber spatula when I need it. Don’t judge me. 

3. Staying on Pinterest far longer than acceptable. The plus side though? My home decor boards and recipe ideas are flowin’!

4. Getting my nails re-done when it’s time. I hardly get them done in the first place, so when I do, I usually let them grow out to an unacceptable, ridiculous looking state.  

5. Drinking the right amounts of water. I just simply don’t drink that much.

6. Having cute handwriting. I missed that class somewhere in my life and my handwriting has forever suffered. 

7. Scheduling blog posts when I should. Apparently all good bloggers meticulously plan out their posts. I on the other hand write them when i’m laying on my living room floor trying to avoid the things mentioned in point numero uno. 

8. Using far too many hashtags on instagram. #sorrynotsorry 

There you have it, a few things that i’m really bad at! 
Do we share any of these qualities?! Let me know. 😉 

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  1. K, first.. I think I've done meal planning 5 times in our marriage. I'm the type who goes to the store and says "OO I should make that!" and then I run around the aisles trying to remember where everything is. OR, I buy every ingredient in each aisle that I ever get for any recipe and pray I didn't forget anything so that I have it all stocked that week.

    And I am awful at blog post scheduling. I post when I am inspired by something. And it's usually at night. If I want instant gratification I'll publish it or I'll schedule it for the morning so that I have something pop up when everyone is browsing over their breakfast bowl.

    Oh, and I drink about 1 or 2 glasses of water a day.

  2. For meal planning, I write all our go-to recipes that we love on a 3×5 card. Then each week we go through and pick out what meals we'll want, but don't plan sides or anything. I'll assign meals to a certain day (like quick ones on days that we're busy, etc) but don't stress if I want to change around a meal during the week. Then at the store I'll see what side type things are on sale, and get enough for x amount of days. So far it's worked really well! I've tried to plan meals around sales and whatever and that NEVER works.

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