Oh Just Starting A New Business & What Not

Hi, my name is Kaylin and I used to blog here at Bombshell Wife Life. 
I know, I know, it’s been forever. (It’s actually only been a week but in blogger terms that means an eternity) 
So where have I been you might ask?! Well if you follow me on instagram, you would know that I have started a new business! Guys, I’m REALLY excited about this! 

Have you ever heard of that ‘CRAZY WRAP THING‘?! Well, your girl Kaylin now sells it! Last night I had my launch party and it got me so fired up about this business all over again! Not only do I love the products I am selling, but I love the company I am working with! How many people can say that?!

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking! “Wow, she just used A LOT of exclamation points!” Well HELLO, I’M EXCITED Y’ALL! I’M FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING IN MY LIFE! 

Y’all know when something great like this comes along in my life I can’t just keep it to myself. I have to share it with every single one of you! So here’s the memo, here’s your sign: IT WORKS! 

If you’ve ever been wondering about that crazy wrap thing, try one out! 
If you’ve ever wondered “wow, do those hair growing pills really work?!” TRY SOME! 
If you’ve ever been thinking “that job looks awesome and I totally want to do it”, let’s talk! 

I can’t wait to see the way this business is going to change our lives. I can’t wait for the day we are debt free and I can finally say “I attributed to that!” Guys, this company works. This product works. If you have ANY questions about any products or the company itself, I would love to talk with you! Comment here, send me and email, find me on Facebook, or go to my It Works! site directly! 

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  1. Congratulations for a successful launch, Kaylin! I can’t blame you for being so excited, because managing your own business is a huge step forward for anyone. And I think it doubles for you, since you love the product you’re selling and the people you work with. I wish you all the best!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

  2. That is an interesting batch of products. A lot of folks will definitely want those in their houses, or for their own processes. It's cool that you've gotten that whole thing started here and now, modestly yet actively.You can create more heat for that brand by really getting them to your buyers wherever they are, whenever they are, and not just through a store or stall or anything. Making the trade personal and direct is the best way to go. Good luck!

    Tom Coshow @ TeleDirect

  3. It’s good to hear from you! I think it will also help if you join some trade events or marketing fairs to introduce your products to other potential clients. It’s a good strategy, because you can make a direct product pitch to a larger audience. Aside from that, you could also meet people who might be interested on venturing on your business. Good luck!

    Ella Williams @ BNI London

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