Ology Detergent and MORE: Review

{I was sent this product for review curtsey of a Mom’s Meet group called ‘Mom Ambassadors’, however all opinions are my own}How many of you moms are interested in safe, yet effective cleaning products with kids in the house? Come on, raise your hands! I know for me personally, I like a product that gets … [Read more…]

LifeVantage TrueScience: Review

{I am in no way affiliated with this company. This product was sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are my own.} I have absolutely loved my time using the LifeVantage TrueScience face wash!  I will start off saying that each persons skin is different and has different skin care needs. I have … [Read more…]

Shop Hopes Reppin’

If you follow me on any other social media platforms, you know I have recently been accepted as a Shop Hopes Rep! I applied NEVER thinking I would get picked, and I am so beyond happy for the opportunity! For those of you who may not know what “Shop Hopes” is, it is an online boutique … [Read more…]

Wedding Ceremony

My whole wedding day was perfection, but if we’re being honest the ceremony was the one thing I was completely terrified about. Walking down the aisle, being in front of people, TALKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE?! Not my strong suit. I was terrified of every unrealistic thing out there. Thankfully, everything went so effortlessly perfect.The … [Read more…]

Why Little Girls Need Daddies

Its crazy how much can change in just one year.  Before M came along baby girl hated bugs, dirt, getting hurt, pretty much….anything and everything. I wish I was exaggerating when I say that, but i’m not.  I remember when M and I first started dating and we were at a pool party with a … [Read more…]