Don’t Be An Idiot On Instagram

Oh Instagram. One of my favorite forms of social media! Theres just something about mass amounts of filters and hashtags that really revs my engine. I know I have done a post similar to this with my Internet Pet Peeves, but I’m singling out Instagram today. If you don’t follow me over there yet, you clearly … [Read more…]

Kupp’ Review!

Eco-friendly. Just for kids. Easy to clean. Do I have your attention yet?!Let me just say these Kupp’ kids cups are awesome little cups! I love fun colors of any cups, plates, or dinnerware so these were perfect to add to our collection!  When these arrived in the mail baby girl was BEYOND excited! Something SHE could … [Read more…]

Honeymoon Pictures!

Woah, did ya ever think you’d see this post?! Almost a year later. HAHAHA!Nonetheless, IT’S HERE!We had the best honeymoon EVER. Thank you SO ridiculously much to my parents who made it possible for us. The resort we stayed at was AMAZING, the things we did were the BEST, and the time shared together making … [Read more…]

Start A ‘Go Fund Me’ Campaign If…

I’ve seen 5,492,593,049 Go Fund Me Campaigns floating around. Not to worry though, YOU TOO can have a campaign! Here are a few ideas for you…Start a campaign if…-You can’t decide what to have for dinner.Yes, if you start a campaign because you don’t know what to have for dinner, people will send you money and … [Read more…]

I Don’t Hate You Because You’re Pregnant

My life is, for the most part, an open book. I share my life on the internet with strangers i’ve never met. Most people think i’m crazy, but I know there’s a few people out there who understand why I do what I do. Those few people make all of this worth it. Those few … [Read more…]