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I Don’t Hate You Because You’re Pregnant

My life is, for the most part, an open book. I share my life on the internet with strangers i’ve never met. Most people think i’m crazy, but I know there’s a few people out there who understand why I do what I do. Those few people make all of this worth it. Those few people who message me and comment and tell me “hey, you’re not alone”, they make it worth it. 

When I wrote THIS POST, it was more or less broadcasted to the world that we are “trying” to have kids. I never in my life imaged I would be one of those people to tell others about that because, well, quiet frankly no one needs to know about that. Haha! 
However, things changed when I found out that we might have “trouble”. This is MY blog and like I said in that post, I don’t want to have to lie or not blog about things relevant to my life. 

With all that being said, a lot has changed. When someone I know talks about being pregnant, or getting pregnant, or anything along those lines, it’s as if they feel bad. They hesitate. They hold back telling me all the exciting details because they think they are “hurting my feelings.” I don’t hate you for being pregnant! In fact, i’m SUPER excited for anyone who does get pregnant! What a blessing!! I’m not mad or angry or bitter towards anyone getting pregnant just because it isn’t our time right now. Is it hard sometimes? Absolutely. I won’t lie about that. But that doesn’t change my excitement for other people. I get happy for people I watch on YouTube who get pregnant and I don’t even know those people! Seriously, just ask my husband. I talk about these people like I know them. In reality, I don’t, and i’m just a stalker. It’s normal. 

Also, why is it that every time I’m on facebook/twitter/instagram, SOMEONE has to complain about “everyone getting pregnant” or “if I see one more pregnancy announcement i’m gonna lose it”. Do people not realize some people WANT to be pregnant. Some people pray and pray and PRAY over that child they just got blessed with? Why is it such a BAD THING to post on Facebook, or post pictures on Instagram about your pregnancy/kids/WHATEVER YOU WANT. Want my opinion? UNFRIEND THOSE PEOPLE if you don’t want to see it. And on the flip side, maybe those people don’t want to see YOUR posts about getting drunk, having a TOTES AWESOME TIME AT THE CLUB, and not knowing where your car is on tuesday morning. Just a thought. 🙂 

Okay, im ranting. Let’s bring it back in…

I don’t hate you because you’re pregnant. I know our time will come. I know some day we will get to experience the joy and love and excitement that comes with expanding our family. Until then, all we can do is pray. Pray for patience, pray for contentment, pray for overall peace. 
I’m certain we were meant to be parents and i’m certain our time is coming. 

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