Peace, Love, & Monograms

Who doesn’t love a good monogram?! 
I remember when I got engaged the first thing I did was ordered a monogrammed cell phone case. To my disappointment, it didn’t fit my phone and it was a huge waste of money. Lesson learned. 

I got the amazing opportunity to write to y’all about monograms from Marley Lilly. If you know anything pertaining to monograms, you know the name Marley Lilly
Fewer times have I been more excited about mail than when I opened the package from this amazing company! 
Thank you again so so SO much to Marley Lilly for sending this to me for their Blogger Review Program! 

If you’re from the south, monogramming is second nature. If you’re from Arizona, people look at you like you’re crazy and ask “what’s a monogram?”
I absolutely LOVE monogramming and this scarf I received has been my favorite accessory this winter. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this photo. My neck has never been warmer and the compliments have never come easier. People loved this! 
Marley Lilly offers monograms for literally anything any everything you could think of. Hats, bows, water bottles, purses….shall I continue? 

For some reason as i’m writing this post, all thats coming to my mind is “if you like it then you should’ve put a monogram on it”. MONOGRAM ALL THINGS! 

My current Wish List from Marley Lilly includes the following:

Are you into monograms? How many things do you own that are monogrammed?! 
I can’t wait to grow my collection and these things above will surely be the next to join the party! 

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