Reminiscing On ONE YEAR!

A whole year?! How can it be that a YEAR has passed since we got married?! Talk about an amazing year! A year full of fun adventures, sleep overs every night with my best friend, and countless nights talking about our life goals and where we want to be! I love this life we have created and I know it is only going to get better from here! I know I have shared a lot of pictures on my blog of our big day, but I wanted to share some more because well…why not?! These are some of my favorite pictures from a year ago! Thanks for following our journey and enjoy the pictures! 🙂

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5 Must Have Essential Oils For Every Basic White Girl

EO, snake oil, miracle workers….whatever you wanna call them, Essential Oils are all the rage right now. I will even admit I got oils and an “oil dictionary” for Christmas and I am beyond thrilled. Most people still think essential oils are hocus pocus, but never fear, if you ARE one of those people…there might still be an oil for you!

1) The Starbucks Blend
     This oil is a staple item for any and every basic white girl. Filled with the aromas of your nearest Starbucks, just sniff this oil when you are having a caffeine withdrawal and you’ll be fine until you get your next Caramel, Latte Mocha, 5 Extra Shots, Fat Free, Sugar Free, Frappuccino….with extra caramel.

2) The Ugg Blend
    This blend is specifically designed to help you ease the pain of the amount of money you just spent on boots. Rub into the temples, sit back and breathe the oil in, and try not to think about the purchase you just made.

3) The Selfie Blend
    Need help with your selfies?! No worries, the Selfie Blend has you covered. This particular blend brightens up the face, makes you look awake, and lessens the need for a filter. Although you will still use one because you’re as basic as they come, this blend will diminish the need for filters on every single photo.

4) The Puppy Blend
    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. This blend is bad news for any basic white girl. With the smell of this oil, puppies will flock to you. Any type of poof ball, instagram worthy looking dog will literally show up at your front door step. Want 50 puppies?! Just inhale the Puppy Blend 50 different times. (Not made with real puppies in the oil blend and no animals were harmed in the making of this oil)

5) The Forever 21 Blend
    This blend is a dual-action blend! (You’re really getting your moneys worth with this one) With one sniff, you will be transported to the nearest Forever 21. HOWEVER, (ready for the plot twist?!) with one application to the temples, neck, and bottoms of feet….you will be able to party again like you’re 21! Truly living life to the fullest, not worrying about being out till 4 am because you can sleep in until 2 pm and of course being able to fit into any little outfit that you want! But this blend only lasts for 24 hours unless you keep reapplying. At just $1,000,000 per .05 oz, this oil is perfect for anyone!

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