Why is it cute to be the mean girl?

I don’t know if i’m the only one who notices this, so this post might be a little “scattered brained/all over the place”. (And honestly i’ll probably get a lot of backlash about it. But this is my blog. Not yours.)

I’ve noticed more and more on social media how being the “mean girl” is the “cool new thing”. Being heartless and emotionless is what is getting all the attention. Belittling other people and making a scene of it is the “norm” now. It’s like…if you don’t post at least once a day about how much you truly don’t care, people might think you DO care, and we can’t have that, can we?! 
Why is it when a girl posts about how she hates everyone/everything/doesn’t give a damn about anything, it is the most tweeted/”liked”/talked about status? I mean really, am I the only one noticing this?!?! When did being the mean girl become the cute thing to do? Does it give you a confidence boost? And ego boost of some sort?? 

So many times I see things on social media and I think to myself “does your mother know you post/talk/act like this?!” The language and the attitude of girls on social media is so disgusting to me these days. I can’t say I never have been that girl. I KNOW there are going to be people to call me out on that. There were times in my life where I have been VERY negative on social media. However, I grew up. I matured. I realized not everything in life needs to be terrible. You CAN in fact BE HAPPY….and TALK ABOUT IT. Weird, huh?!

I know when it comes to emotional topics I can be a little far fetched. You know the Kristen Bell sloth video? Im the exact same way…if i’m not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotion scale, i’m crying. Nonetheless, I think it’s OKAY to have emotions. It’s OKAY to care about things. It’s okay to be hurt, or to care what people say about you, or hell to even ENJOY YOUR LIFE. 

Like why is it the “thing” now to not have emotions towards anything? It’s “cute” to post about how much you hate people, how much you don’t give a damn, and how all you care about is pizza. When did caring about people and caring about whats going on in your life become a bad thing? When did showing your emotions become the LAST thing anyone wanted to do?! 

Being heartless isn’t cute. Being the mean bully isn’t cute. Belittling other people on social media isn’t cute. If you put the same amount of effort as you put into hating things into something productive, can you imagine what you could accomplish?! Haha. Really though. 

This post is totally just a rant, but it’s been on my mind for some time now so I just needed to vent. Quit being complete brats on the internet. I CAN NOT imagine you actually conduct your life the way you do via social media. And if you do….wow, I feel really sorry for your friends/family. Let’s try being happy, eh?! Namaste. 

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Worst Blogger Ever

Here we are again….over a month without a blog post….
Worst blogger on the planet award goes to yours truly.

I’ve been in some kind of “funk” lately and haven’t known quite how to get out of it. Bless my husband for dealing with me. (Truly, he’s amazing and I can’t say it enough how much he deserves a trophy)
I hate EVER admitting that i’m even upset because I feel like my life is far too wonderful and perfect to even feel the slightest bit of discontent. I honestly feel so guilty about. But when it comes down to it, some days I am upset. Im down right UPSET.

I’m truly trying to change my outlook on things and just overall BE HAPPY. Consciously CHOOSING to be happy. However, for me, that is easier said then done. I mean some days it is literally all I can do to get out of bed and go to work. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way some days? (Or in my case, for weeks at a time?)

With my blog lately, I just haven’t felt like there has anything “blog worthy” happening in my life lately. When the fact of the matter is, my entire life is blog worthy, I just need to step back and take a second to see it. At the end of the day I don’t blog for anyone other than myself, but when the days come and all I want to do is crawl into bed, typing to my computer is the last thing I want to do.

I’m coming back. I want to be present in my little corner of the internet. I’m going to be posting more. I am going to be here. I hope I don’t sound like a complete crazy person in this post and maybe ONE other person can potentially relate to how I feel.
We’ve had a fun month in our home. Here are a few pictures from my favorite times.

When little girls are tired in Mexico, Daddy holds them until they fall asleep. Be still, my heart. 

My flower child

Two seconds after I said “i’ve always wanted one of those pineapple drinks”, he pulls over and hops out to buy me one. Quite the romantic guy if you ask me! 

My favorite view in Mexico

Snuggling my precious girl is my favorite.

M decided he wanted to build this off our garage. Being married to a “handy man” has quite the advantages! 

I’m the girl who orders two desserts because I can’t decide. Judge me.

Fancy dinner this weekend with my lover butt to celebrate FINALLY selling our vehicle! 
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