You’re Not Better Than Anyone…

I see it so many times on the internet…“I’m so glad i’m not married.” “I’m way too young to have kids.”“I don’t know why people put their lives on the internet.”“People just need to enjoy their lives and not worry about being settled down.”Here’s a public service announcement for you….YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE BECAUSE … [Read more…]

When Your 5 Year Old Hates You

It’s been such a fun week. Like the kind of week you just want to keep having over and over and over again! The kind of week where your dryer breaks, then your fridge, then your hot water heater…all in the matter of four days. AFTER you just bought your fridge off craigslist and paid an … [Read more…]

Life Update & What’s Coming! (A GIVEAWAY?!)

HOLY MOLY. Where has the time gone?!?I feel like I say this with every blog post lately, but WOW i’ve been gone for awhile! I really really REALLY want to change that. Does anyone even miss me in bloglandia?!Our life has taken huge turns lately and i’m still getting used to them! If you’re interested … [Read more…]