Gratitude Journal #2

Y’all, this week was hard. Like I cried 95% of the week, hard. So “adult” of me, right?
It was one of those weeks where I felt nothing was going right, I was doing nothing right, and in general….ALL WAS NOT RIGHT. I’m just stressed about 9,000 things that I absolutely shouldn’t be.
Okay, I’m done being dramatic.

*insert some quote about being happy rather than upset*

Let’s talk about the good things that happened this week:
– I found $15 while doing the laundry today.
– M is in Cali with his brother and a buddy and I feel thankful we (he) is able to do things like that.
We have life pretty dang good.
– I ordered a few books online, which isn’t like me AT ALL.
– *ALMOST ALL* our laundry in the entire house is done.
– It was baby girls birthday and I am now officially a mother to a six year old. I’m still in shock.
Where have the last 6 years gone?!

After last weeks post I felt so great and like I could take on the world. After this weeks post I feel like I still want to cry and that this week is going to suck. Hahaha. I have problems y’all. I really really do. I feel like this isn’t even worth sharing, but this is real life and it’s “me” so…here ya go!

Here’s to making this the best week possible!

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