The Real Reason No One Likes Your Direct Sales Company

I know I am going to ruffle a few feathers with this post. Blow a few skirts up. Put a few panties in a wad. One half being because I have been (and consider this my public apology to anyone I pissed off while with “that one company”)/am currently in direct sales, the other half being because what I am about to say is true. Buckle up.

We get it. You want to sling some product. Trust me when I say I am ALL ABOUT supporting other people, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc…HOWEVER, with that being said, there are a hell of a lot of things wrong with the way people go about direct sales…and I’m about to lay it ALL out for you.

If you think I can’t live without your product, you’re wrong. If I’ve said no, more than once, I probably don’t want it again on the 8th time you’ve asked me to try it. I’ve tried to be polite and you are being pushy. Stop.

If you think that making me feel bad for working a “traditional job” is working for you, it’s not. It actually makes me lose a lot of respect for you. Quit making people feel “less than” just because they are on a different path than you. So excuse me while I take my retirement, 401K, and health insurance and head on back to my 9-5 job. You’re right, it’s so terrible.

If I hear one more time how amazing of a mother you are because you chose a job you could do from your phone so other people don’t have to raise your children…I literally might scream. Whether you work a job inside or outside of the home, that should NEVER be the deciding factor on what type of mother you are. EVER.

Has being discreet and humble gone out the window when it comes to direct sales companies?! Y’all act like every nice thing you buy in the world you have to give credit to the “company allowing it to happen”. Maybe I just don’t like those types of personalities, but sheesh, tone it down!

You all know I love Jesus. With my whole heart. But I hate to break it to you, God didn’t send you an army of people to follow you in the business. “I just know God put me on this path of direct sales…” *chokes on my coffee* WHAT?!?! You are kidding me, right? Like that is an actual joke?

I understand some people do really well with direct sales. More power to you. I shop with direct sales companies, I use direct sales products, and there are products I truly, TRULY love. And THAT’S OKAY! What’s not okay is making other people feel inferior for not selling or liking your product. *vent session over* *mic drop*


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10 YouTube Video Ideas For Your Channel

I am no pro when it comes to YouTube, but I do enjoy the heck out of it! SHAMELESS PLUS OF MY CHANNEL HERE. I think it is such a fun and creative outlet. If you have been thinking about getting on the YouTube train, I say DO IT! What’s the worst that can happen?! People don’t watch?!
I have about three people who watch my videos and I still love it!

A lot of people ask “where do I start?!”
Here are TEN video ideas for your YouTube channel to get you started!

1. Do a haul – I have no idea why people love watching these, but they do! Myself included. No shame. Target haul, grocery haul, hell people watch peoples TRASH hauls. Its a real thing. Look up “Empties Haul”.

People will literally watch anything on the internet.

2. Show off a talent – Are you super good at something?! Show it off! The more unique the better. I myself am not real talented at anything, so this one is a no go for me. But you my friend…you run with this!

3. Routines – Again, this is one of those weird things that I am not sure why so many people watch, but they do! Do you have a school routine, night routine, cleaning routine….fitness/cooking/makeup/skincare?! (I could keep going but I will let you move on from this idea) Film it and throw it on the internet!

4. Story time videos – Ever have something ridiculous or funny or ridiculously funny happen to you?! The reason people watch YouTube is to pass the time (and occasionally learn about what someone wore or ate or did for the week)…talk about something that has happened in your life. People will love it.

5. Make a yummy food/drink – Everyone loves food and drinks. Film yourself making something great! ….and then share with me.

6. Weekly meals – What are you eating this week? Film it! (Are you seeing a trend here?! Film all the things!)

7. What you are passionate about – Do you love essential oils? Are you a makeup lover? Do you really enjoy fitness? This is key for your YouTube channel. Share what you love.

8. Pranks – I don’t film these types of videos, but I sure love watching them!

9. Introduction video – Tell us about yourself. A good, old fashion, sit down and get to know me type video. It may boost your audience when people can relate to you on a more personal note.
(Hmm…maybe I should film this video?!)

10. Cats – If all else fails….cats!

Remember that YouTube is what YOU want it to be! Whatever you choose to post, make it your own and have fun with it! The internet is such a vast and wonderful place and there is room for YOU here! If you film any of these videos, make sure to tag me in them so I can watch!

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