A Blog Post About Nothing

Man oh MAN!
Where have I been lately? Literally everywhere and no where. Our life has been a crazy whirlwind the last 6 months and I just feel like sometimes I can’t catch my breath. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way, right? I want to do a more “in depth” post sooner rather than later about what is going on in our life, but a small rant about pretty much nothing will have to do the trick for right now. Because I feel like writing and this is my blog so….cheers!

As many people know we’ve been trying to sell our house for the last few months and GEEZE it has been an emotional roller coaster. Trying to figure out this next big step in our life has been challenging and exciting and scary and frustrating and everything in between. Isn’t it funny how life works like that sometimes? All the emotions rolled into one. How do we stay sane?! (Well…TRY to stay sane, anyway!)

I truly can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end. Excuse me, what?! How is it even possible that we are going to have a second grader? The heartbreak with kids growing up is REAL, y’all! Why can’t they just stay little forever? Like it ACTUALLY hurts my heart that she’s growing up. But my GOODNESS is she growing up to be a heck of a lady! Beautiful, smart, kind, thoughtful….I just love that little doodle bug of ours.

In other exciting news…my sister and I are the proud new owners of a children’s consignment sale franchise. Say whaaaa?! Yup! We are the newest owners of Here We Grow Again – East Valley! So if you’re a mom like me who spends WAY too much money on kids clothes, shoes, and toys…this is the sale for you! Make back some $$$ on your out-grown clothes and shoes and also shop adorable clothing for your kiddos. It’s a win/win! Go “LIKE” our Facebook page!!!! (And tell your friends!)

I’ve been giving “monthly meal planning” a try. It’s been interesting. For the two weeks we’ve been doing it. HAHA! Check back in two weeks to see how we ended up doing!!

I wish I had more fun and exciting things to talk about, but this is real life….we all know how that goes! Especially with a low-key life like ours.
Sometimes I just really get the itch to write random things down, and decided to hit “publish” on this one. I hope you all are doing great! I miss you all. Give me blog post ideas so I can write more! Okay love you bye! PS MY BIRTHDAY IS IN ONE WEEK! HOLLER!

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Give Your Man A Woody….! – JORD Watches

Let’s face it, shopping for men is one of the hardest things EVER. Or maybe just for my man?! He’s a simple guy, doesn’t need much, and hardly asks for anything. M has never really been a “watch man”, but JORD Wooden Watches may have changed his mind!

STORY TIME! One year for MY birthday I felt so guilty about buying myself a nice, expensive watch that I had to counter and get him one, too. Naturally, right?! Needless to say…he never wore it. When his JORD watch was delivered, he wasn’t totally pumped because well…”he’s not a watch guy”….but as soon as he opened the package he fell in LOVE! He picked it up and couldn’t stop saying “wow! This is SO light!” He loved the look of it, the idea of a wooden watch, and honestly hasn’t taken it off since it arrived! So basically I’m the best wife ever for finding this cool gift, right?! 😉

The Watch He Got: http://www.woodwatches.com/series/conway/dark-sandalwood-and-burgundy/#bombshellwifelife

JORD has both men’s and women’s watches and after seeing his, I am surely ordering my own! These are both of my favorite women’s watches. Which one do you like more?! I’m seriously torn between the two.

I know I talked about this a little over on my Instagram page, but I am a complete sucker for good packaging. Guys, this box came it was so luxurious. The box it comes in, the packaging, everything just screamed high quality which I REALLY appreciate. These pictures don’t even do it justice, but I will try my best to show you what I mean…

JORD has been so overly gracious to send us this watch and to ALSO offer $100 off a watch to one of my wonderful readers! How amazing is that?! I have provided to link to enter on my Instagram page as well as right here: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/bombshellwifelife
Go enter and get yourself one of these amazing watches! If you’ve already entered or are entering from this blog post, leave a comment of….your favorite dessert! Then I know you’ve entered and we can further talk about delicious sweets!

Watch Gift Ideas

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