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If there is one thing I am REALLY bad at…it’s buying clothes for myself. Something about dropping money on myself literally makes me sick to my stomach. I usually think about something for months, maybe even years, before buying it for myself. I’m literally the worst.
So when it comes to shopping, the last thing I would call myself is “impulsive”.

We recently had our county fair, and as always, we walked around the booths to see if there was anything we couldn’t live without. Y’all. I saw this dress and almost DIED at how beautiful it was. The dress should have just said “Kaylin, BUY ME!” right across the front. Well….maybe not. Maybe I wouldn’t have bought it then. But maybe I would have? Okay…I digress….

This black dress is stunning. The detail of the flowers along the neck and shoulder line? UGH! KILLL MEEEEE. The length of the dress. The fabric. So. Dang. Beautiful! All of it!
This dress needed to be in my closet. And it needed to be in there now. I still had my birthday money (yes, my birthday was the beginning of August. I told you I’m bad about spending on myself!) and I decided THAT’S what I was going to use some of the money for. There was no thinking about it, no convincing myself not to buy it, none of that….I bought the damn dress. AND I AM SO IN LOVE!

I totally feel like I can wear it to work, to a Christmas party, an office party, a wedding, church, the grocery store on a Tuesday afternoon, a kids soccer game…WHERE EVER! It’s seriously THAT perfect!

I got this dress from a Shop Stevie rep and honestly…I’m not exactly sure how the company works, but FIND YOU THIS DRESS! I will tag my girl below, last I heard she had ONE left…..so RUN (or type quickly) over to her site! At $44, how can you say no to this type of perfection?
XOXO Shop Stevie Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/xoxoshopstevie/
XOXO Shop Stevie Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/xoxo.shopstevie/

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