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Move Over, Snapchat. Instagram Stories Are In Charge Now!

Snapchat, you did us good. You did us real good. But it’s time to say goodbye. Time to bid a farewell. BECAUSE INSTAGRAM STORIES HAVE MOVED IN! I don’t know who decided overnight that Instagram Stories were going to be a “thing”, but they did, and we should all say thank you.

Guys, Instagram is H U G E for bloggers, social media moguls, and influencers alike. Right now I am learning all about the importance of Instagram from Helene Sula and her Secrets to a Successful Instagram course! I can’t say enough good things about the courses that she offers, but they are amazing.

I feel like the options in Instagram Stories are so much cuter! (Because hello, important! Am I right?!) I’m talking filters, tagging friends, location options, and the list goes on and on. Instagram Stories are just down right LIFECHANGING. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But YOU GET THE POINT!

With Instagram being one of the biggest platforms for personal and business use, the stories reach far more people than Snapchat. Launching in 2016, I think Instagram Stories have just recently gotten hugely popular. For the adults who thought Snapchat was just a way to send inappropriate pictures, this is an easy way for them to share things instantly with their friends. I was telling my husband the other day I feel like this will make actual Instagram feeds fill up with much higher quality photos and captions because all of the “in-between life stuff” can be captured via Instagram Stories, and not posted on their actual feed. Something that may not be worth a full post for someone they can easily share with friends right in the moment that it is happening. Which is EXACTLY what Snapchat is, but for some reason people are LOVING the Insta Stories.

I am always sad to see something go. (RIP VINE) But I see Instagram Stories QUICKLY taking over the role of Snapchat for a LOT of people. So sell your Snapchat stocks and head over to IG! (Kidding, don’t take stock advice from me.) What are your thoughts on it? Do you think Instagram Stories will become the next Snapchat?! I’d love to know everyone’s opinion on it!

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