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Random Things I Think About

I know I am not the only person who has RANDOM thoughts throughout the day. Like so random, you think to yourself, “wow, how do I have ANY friends?!” Well, I’m here to share MY random thoughts with you because THIS IS THE INTERNET AND THAT’S WHAT WE DO! Right?! Right? Someone please tell me you enjoy this post. Okay thanks. Let’s get into it!

*trying to eat breakfast in the car* “I wonder if the person behind me thinks I’m drunk?”

“When you buy concert tickets, do they check to see if you’re wanted by the FBI or anything?”

“How do you lose ONE shoe on the side of the road?!”

“How do people make so much money blogging?”

“How do some people go an entire day without pooping?”

“How do people afford coffee from a coffee shop everyday? Also….my coffee pot is done brewing! WOO!”

“People on Facebook can be so annoying….including myself.”

“How did I ever land someone like my husband?”

“Speaking of which….remember that time I met my husbands parents in a hospital?….weird”

“Why is acne a thing?”

“Do I want to go to the grocery store at 6am? Or do I want to starve?”

“I could never go on Survivor”

“Why can’t Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies be on Netflix?!”

“What does Cognac taste like?”

“Did anyone else watch S Club 7?”

“Fog is such a weird thing”

“I think I have legit depression over my child getting older”

“Most of the “ugly sweaters” people wear are actually really cute”

“Taking iPhone photos does not qualify you as a photographer”

And THAT is 24 hours in my brain! You’re welcome.

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