Behind The Scenes | Steven & Mikenzie Mexico Beach Wedding

As many of you know M and I have ventured in the cinematography world for the past year or so. We absolutely love it and I love the direction this business is going. If you haven’t checked it out, HERE is our website and HERE is our Facebook page. Now that we’ve addressed that, this post might not seem SO out of the blue for some people. 😉 

Over the weekend of November 5th we traveled down to Rocky Point, Mexico to shoot our highest paying gig yet. Kidding, kidding. It was for my brother and sister in-laws wedding. Haha. They didn’t ask us to do this, but we wanted to try and put together something special for them. I loved the challenge of being apart of the wedding but also thinking in terms of cinematic shots. 

It was fun to be getting ready together and knowing in my mind I was looking for video quality shots. Every time I would see something I would run and grab the camera and get what I could. M set up GoPros on the beach which captured the ceremony perfectly. For being as “low-key” as we were, I am amazed at how great things turned out. But really, how bad can things turn out with the beach as your backdrop and a beautiful couple?!

After the ceremony we tagged along with the photographer to capture a few shots on the beach and I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out. Guys. If you’re ever getting married on a beach, please call us! I loved loved loved shooting this! (Or if you’re getting married anywhere, call us, we do not discriminate.) M threw the drone up in the air and got some awesome shots of the jaw-dropping venue. 
Big homes + beach + wedding = what Pinterest dreams are made of. 

I love doing this business with my husband. Like really really love it. I think we make an amazing team and I love being by his side for this. We are so excited to share this video and truly LOVE the way it turned out! Congratulations, Steven and Mikenzie. We love you guys so so much! 

(Blogger only gives me the option to embed from YouTube, not Vimeo, so here is the link here

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Reception – A Bombshell Wedding

Okay, I know it’s been over 6 months since we got married, but I still want to blog about a few other things from the wedding. If not for your entertainment, at least for mine. 

The reception was everything I could have hoped for and more. The venue was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the party was more than I could have hoped for. 

We had our reception at the same place as our ceremony, Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch. I thought the place was beautiful and I loved that there was a bar inside the venue space. 

We had our cake done by a friend of mine, Whitney, and we were SO in love with it. It wasn’t your “traditional wedding cake” but I just loved the way it looked with all the other decorations! Our music was done by M’s awesome cousin Mitchell, and our pictures done by the AMAZING Holly! Thank you ALL so much for all the effort you put into our special day. It truly meant the world to us. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the reception. Thank you to EVERYONE who came and celebrated with us. It meant so so much to us! 

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Sarah’s Garden: Wedding Flowers

Working with Sarah for my big day was one of the easiest tasks from my wedding. I found her due to the fact that she was a “preferred vendor” for our ceremony and reception site and I’m so glad that was the case. Sarah was such a pleasure to work with. She genuinely seemed like she cared about her job, my wedding, and how everything played out.
I loved the fact that she saw my vision even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Sarah took care of not only our flowers, but our centerpieces and also the decorations/flowers at the ceremony. I loved the way the flowers looked against the mens suits and the girls dresses. Everything was flawless. I got so many compliments the day of the wedding on the flowers and everything involved with that. If you are in Arizona and ever in need of a florist, Sarah is a MUST CONTACT person. She was kind, sweet, and just what I needed to make the flowers for my wedding gorgeous.

Sarahs Garden:

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Wedding Ceremony

My whole wedding day was perfection, but if we’re being honest the ceremony was the one thing I was completely terrified about. Walking down the aisle, being in front of people, TALKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE?! Not my strong suit. I was terrified of every unrealistic thing out there. Thankfully, everything went so effortlessly perfect.

The weather was perfect that day. The venue couldn’t have looked more beautiful.
The guests were amazing. And overall, I got to marry my best friend.

Our ceremony took place on a golf course which I thought was absolutely breathtaking. The view behind us was gorgeous and the grounds of the golf course all together were amazing.

This is another post that doesn’t require much explaining because well, the pictures do that all too well. These are a few of my favorites from the ceremony.

(See these ladies in the back? They literally sat and watched my entire wedding from when we had our “first look”, all the way through our pictures, and till the end of the ceremony. GO AWAY!)

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All About The Dresses

I have never been in love with two dresses more in my entire life. My wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses were everything I could have hoped for and more. I could just post a bunch of pictures and let them speak for themselves, but i’ll go into a little detail and back story for your entertainment. 

My wedding dress wasn’t the dress I was going to originally wear. A few years ago, I had found a killer deal on a dress that I liked, and I bought it. No, I wasn’t engaged. I wasn’t even dating anyone! 
I did like the dress, however once I got engaged and I tried it on, I couldn’t breathe. Don’t cha love gaining weight?! I wasn’t too disappointed, because it gave me a reason to look at other options. 

I didn’t go to any bridal stores. I didn’t go shopping with all my bridesmaids. I didn’t have anyone reassure me “yupp, that’s the dress!” It was actually quite opposite of each one of those scenarios.  

M and I were down in Phoenix working a gun show one weekend and I had been there long enough. I decided I was going head to the mall, like any good girl would do, and look at dresses. I never in a million years thought I would actually buy anything. I went to a couple stores but nothing was really “catching my eye”. I went into Dillards and there it was. On the clearance rack. I seriously felt like I was in a movie where the heavens opened up, light shined (shown?) down upon it, and a sweet angel was singing “ahhhhh”. I had had my moment. From the second I saw it I knew that was my dress. Did I know if it would fit? Nope. But I did know I was absolutely in love with it to the point where I almost started crying. It was everything I wanted in a dress, all on one dress. 

I tried it on and just sat in my dressing room for a good 15 mins with it on. True story. 
I remember texting a picture to both my sister and one of my bridesmaids and I got the same response “uh, is that dress pink?!” Plot twist, my dress wasn’t white. 
I never imagined I wouldn’t wear a white dress. Yes, I get the significance of it, but I don’t follow anyones rules except my own. (Okay, thats a lie, but I still wanted a white dress.) 
This dress was perfect though. Despite not being white, I was so madly in love with it. And mainly, I knew it would look great with my “shit kickers” that I was wanting to wear. (Mom, don’t get mad, that’s just what Daddy called them.) My parents weren’t too happy that I wore cowboy boots with my wedding dress, but remember the whole thing I said about “rules”? This applies here. I wore the cowboy boots. 
The dress had a rosette pattern on the bottom and a gorgeous top. The pictures will show a more detailed look at that. 

As for my bridesmaids dresses, I knew I wanted something classic. I see too many girls my age getting married and they pick the most…what’s the word i’m looking for here?…not classy? dresses. HAHA! 
I wanted to look back on my pictures and be happy with the choices I made. I also wanted something that would look good with our venue, something that looked good on all the girls, and something that was timeless. 

I understand with weddings there are A LOT of different views and opinions. Not everyone may like the dresses I picked. Not everyone needed to. For me, these were the perfect dresses for my wedding. 

Both my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses were chosen at Dillards and the designer for both dresses was Adrianna Papell. No, this wasn’t planned. But hey, if the shoe dress fits?!

If you have further questions about either dresses, please ask! Without further ado, pictures of both my dress and the lovely bridesmaid dresses. 

(Rosette detail on bottom of dress)
(Top of dress detail)
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Hair, Makeup, & Getting Ready!

Finally, a wedding post! (Bachelorette post doesn’t totally count)

I always had a vision of what I wanted the morning to look like the day of my wedding. 
Something about getting ready with my closest girls friends really excited me and I couldn’t wait for it all to happen. Although the morning was nothing like I envisioned, I loved it even more than anything I could have thought of it. It was truly perfect. The location, the timing, the memories. 
Everything was wonderful. 
My family that came from Ohio had rented a house close to our venue instead of staying in a hotel. I stayed there with them along with my best friend and it worked out so well. The morning of the wedding, all my bridesmaids came over there and we were able to use the house to get ready in. I felt so relaxed being in an actual house and not a hotel room. There was room for everyone, there was a huge kitchen we could use for food and drinks, and the extra living room space to finish projects was awesome.

I didn’t feel too stressed the morning of. 
Actually, I take that back. I was stressed when I ordered pictures from Walmart for picture frames that were going up at the reception and the photo people in Walmart gave me SOMEONE ELSES PICTURES. I might have gone a little “bridezilla” at that moment, but for the most part I felt calm and collected. (Who knows what everyone else thought of me though!)

As for hair and makeup, I had people come to the house to do them. 
My sister did my makeup which I was hugely grateful for. An old friend of mine came over to do my hair at the house, as well as baby girls hair and one of my bridesmaids. I loved being able to relax and not feel rushed to have either my hair or makeup done. 4 of my bridesmaids, along with the mothers, got their hair done at the Ulta Salon near where we were getting ready. 

Tips The Morning Of:
Do not go hungry. You are going to be stressed and nervous and it’s good to have at least a little something in your tummy before the rest of the night takes place. 
It really won’t help anyone. If something doesn’t go as planned, keep calm and move on.
Did I drink while getting ready? Yes. But I had one, maybe two, Mikes Hard Lemonades. 
If you’re anywhere over the age of 16, two Mikes Hards aren’t going to get you drunk. With that being said, some people don’t know their limits. Do yourself a favor, don’t get drunk before the ceremony. It’s not cute, your pictures won’t turn out good, and you want to remember these moments.

Now without further ado, pictures from the morning of my wedding with some of my closet friends. Thank you to everyone who helped out that morning. You are all rockstars in my eyes. 

{If you have ANY questions related to this post and/or wedding related, please ask! Leave a comment or feel free to email me at any time.}

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