Pretending To Be A Fashion/Style Blogger

I really love cute clothes, but I am really bad about talking/posting about them. Hence why I refer to myself as a “lifestyle blogger” and not a “fashion or style blogger”. HOWEVER, I am giving this a shot because I am absolutely in love with this top, this company, AND there is a giveaway. 
So hi, hello, my name is Kaylin…the wannabe fashion blogger! 

I love online shopping. Who doesn’t? AMIRIIIIGHT? Don’t lie. It’s okay to admit these things. Nothing to be ashamed about. So many cute stores, so little time. Being a twenty something year old wife and mom who works full time and feels like I’m pushing 50, I have a hard time finding clothes to fit my needs. My “I have a job to go to so I need to look put together but I still love cute clothes”, needs. My “I’m a mom and need to look put together”, needs. My “hashtag modest is hottest but I still wanna look GOOD”, needs. A lot of online stores don’t offer clothes for gals like me. I want all the cute clothes, but i’d like my butt to not be hanging out. Where are those gals at?!? *Insert hand pump to the sky* WOO! SOUL SISTAS! 

Anyway, I digress. 
Y’all. Have you ever shopped at PINKBLUSH? So many cute clothes. And I mean SOOO many cute clothes! And cute clothes for WOMEN. REAL women. That’s my favorite thing. Also, they offer a maternity line. Which if ever I am so lucky, I will surely be purchasing from! Guys. This site is too cute to pass up and you need to go check it out. 

I am going to link some of my favorite pieces from their site because hi, hello, trying to be helpful. You’re welcome.





I love the tunic I picked out. I feel like it can be worn a ton of different ways and it just screams SPRING! If you’re not a towering skyscraper like me, you could even pull this off as a dress. But these legs don’t permit any of that to happen. Dress is up, dress it down. I absolutely love pieces like that! 

And if you’ve made it this far in reading this, bless you! Kidding, but head over to my instagram where I will be giving away a $75 gift card for PINKBLUSH! Whaaat?! Yupp! $75 to spend on whatever you want! 

(I just had to throw this in here because she kills me with how cute and sweet she is)
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Disneyland and an Anniversary!

Oh Disneyland! The land of happy hearts, hyper children, and parents ready to trample anyone who gets in the way of their stroller. (No really, we heard a guy say “I don’t care how small a kid is, if they get in my way, I will run them over”.) ….so there’s that….

We had the most wonderful weekend vacation! What a better place to celebrate one year of marriage, eh?! This was actually the first vacation just the three of us took together and we were all thrilled. Our hotel was within walking distance so we walked back to our room mid-afternoon to rest and reenergize each day. Talk about convenient!
We did a dinner one night at the Blue Bayou, which was probably the best steak I have eaten yet!
This truly was one of my most favorite vacations. Baby girl didn’t have one single melt down, which honestly SHOCKED me. Even at night when it was WAY passed her bedtime, she held it together. (Four for you, baby girl)

Once we got back into town from Disneyland, we went out for an anniversary dinner at the place we had our first date. Romantic, I know. 😉 (Honestly though I just LOVE their food) I got to FINALLY wear this amazing dress from eShatki! IT HAS POCKETS!!! I was contacted from this site asking if I would want to pick one dress from their site to review. I was thrilled! I LOVED their selection of dresses. I felt everything was classy, yet fashionable. Their site specializes in sizes 0-36W and Custom Clothing. If you order something, you can give them YOUR specific measurements and they will tailor the dress to your needs. How awesome is that?!? AND EVEN BETTER NEWS! This AMAZING company has given me a discount code to use on their site for the next month for all you lovely readers! Just enter “bombshellwife” and get 10% OFF! 🙂 Let me know if you purchase and send me pictures of what you get! 😉

We had such an amazing vacation and an even better anniversary! Thank you to everyone who wished us a happy day.
You all make our life amazing!

(Elsa and Anna were OBSESSED with Baby Girls Jamberry ‘Frozen’ Nails! Thanks Auntie Jen!)

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Shop Hopes Reppin’

If you follow me on any other social media platforms, you know I have recently been accepted as a Shop Hopes Rep! I applied NEVER thinking I would get picked, and I am so beyond happy for the opportunity! 

For those of you who may not know what “Shop Hopes” is, it is an online boutique ( They have two store fronts in Georgia, however their online presence is huge and growing.
Hopes Boutique prides themselves in competitive pricing, fast & free shipping, 
and always having the trendiest clothing! 

So what does this exciting news mean for all of YOU people?! Discount code, duh! 😉
Anytime you purchase from, make sure to use the code ‘BOMBSHELLREP‘ for a 10% discount, and as I said earlier, always free shipping

I have created a separate instagram account for daily updates about all things Hopes! has daily new arrivals, monday-friday! Pretty awesome, right?!
If you would like special text updates and sneak peeks sent to you, message me your number and i’d love to add you to the list of my VIP customers

These next outfits are just a few of my favorites released this past week. I think I will start a weekly post about my favorite arrivals from, would everyone be interested in that?! Without further ado, leave a comment with your favorite outfit from the following. I am so in love with all of them! 
 Have you ever shopped with Hopes before?! Let me know in the comments below! 

shop hopes, aztec dress, summer dress

shop hopes dress, daisy dress, summer dress

shop hopes jumper, floral jumper, summer jumper

summer outfit, shop hope outfits, crop top

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