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10 YouTube Video Ideas For Your Channel

I am no pro when it comes to YouTube, but I do enjoy the heck out of it! SHAMELESS PLUS OF MY CHANNEL HERE. I think it is such a fun and creative outlet. If you have been thinking about getting on the YouTube train, I say DO IT! What’s the worst that can happen?!… Read More 10 YouTube Video Ideas For Your Channel

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5 Things NOT To Do On Instagram

We all love Instagram. The filters, the hashtags, the saltiness. (Kidding) Business use or personal use, whatever the reason may be, we all love Instagram. (Are you following me yet?!) Whether these tips ACTUALLY help your Instagram grow OR if they just help you in life, here are five things NOT to do on Instagram.… Read More 5 Things NOT To Do On Instagram

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The Truth About My Life Right Now

Why do I do this to myself? I go months and months and months without blogging and totally kick myself in the ass for it. Guys, the last few months of my life have been hard. I talked about 2016 in a recap in December and that was my last post. Depression is a silly… Read More The Truth About My Life Right Now

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Why We Love Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf sure has gotten a lot of hate the past few years. And I have one thing to say…guys, quit being bullies! Also, if you are a child reading this I am A) concerned that your parents don’t monitor your internet usage better and they allow you to read my blog and… Read More Why We Love Elf On The Shelf

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A Pampered Chef Gift Guide | Top 5 Items

*I am an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef and anything purchased from these links will go towards my sales* There is no denying the fact that I love Pampered Chef. I think in every recipe I do, or anything I make in the kitchen, I use AT LEAST one Pampered Chef product in the process.… Read More A Pampered Chef Gift Guide | Top 5 Items

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Ramblings On Miscarriage

Tomorrow will be one week since we miscarried. I say “we” because my goodness my sweet sweet husband was a huge part of that day for me. Without him there with me, I don’t know how I would have handled things. I am going to be making a video on YouTube talking about my miscarriage… Read More Ramblings On Miscarriage

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Just Call Me “Drink Master”

I love when companies send me products and without hesitation, I know exactly what I’m going to do with them. In this case…it was add alcohol. Huge THANK YOU to Santa Cruz Organic for sending me this package and also to Moms Meet for always making bad a$$ opportunities happen! We aren’t huge juice drinkers in our home mainly… Read More Just Call Me “Drink Master”

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An Open Letter To My Six Year Old

Dear Six Year Old,I write these things because I want to remember them. If I could bottle you up right now and never let you grow, I would in a heartbeat. It literally pains me to know that each passing day is a day that you are getting older. But with each day you are… Read More An Open Letter To My Six Year Old

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Fitness Update & E-Hydrate!

Trying to “get into shape” is sometimes a LOT harder than it seems. AMIRIGHT?! Somedays I’m ON. Gym, water, healthy food, BAM!  Somedays I want 42 cheeseburgers. And eat a lot of chocolate.  But nonetheless, we’ve been trying to get into shape! It’s been going surprisingly well and M and I are both losing weight!… Read More Fitness Update & E-Hydrate!