Save On Christmas All Year Long!

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A Christmas post, wait what?! Ya, you read that right, CHRISTMAS! Crazy, I know, just bare with me. And hey, who doesn’t like talking about Christmas?!

Raise your hand if you love saving money….all y’alls hands better be up
Saving money is probably one of my most favorite things in the world. Well, next to BBQ chicken pizza and a nice warm pazookie, but that’s besides the point…let’s talk SAVING MONEY! 

How many of you go overboard at Christmas? It’s okay, go ahead, admit it. 
How many of you go absolutely broke come december because you’ve spent all your money on gifts for people? Again, it’s okay to admit it. That’s me a lot of the time, too. 
I’m here to give you a solution! 

Here are some tips for saving money on Christmas ALL YEAR LONG!
1. Shop all year long
Don’t wait until December to do all your shopping. Start your shopping EARLY! 
2. Shop S A L E S !
See a killer deal on something? Pick it up as a gift! 
3. Shop out of season.
This kind of goes with the above statement, but shop out of season and put things away as gifts. Even birthday gifts! 
4. Shop seasonal items after the holidays. 
Want to spruce up your holiday decor the next year? Buy all the items on discount after Christmas the year before! 
5. Have a budget and STICK TO IT.
Map out how much money you want to spend on holiday gifts and birthdays in a years time and stick to that budget. I know this one is easier said then done, but just try it. Maybe even take the cash out of the bank so you have it, then only use cash on gifts when need be. 
6. Shop through Ebates. 
This site is amazing and actually pays you CASH BACK for shopping through their site. No, I am not being paid by them to say this, I genuinely use and like their site! If you do a lot of online shopping, this is the way to go! 
Want to sign up? Use this link! 

These are just a few of my tips for saving on money all year round for Christmas! (Or holidays, or birthdays, or whatever you celebrate)

Do you have any tips and/or tricks for saving money around the holidays?
Do you have a certain way you do gifts?!
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How many of you are addicted to the Target clearance end caps? Come on, raise your hand! NO SHAME HERE, PEOPLE! If you’re not raising your hand, I question your existence, or commitment to Target. If you thought to yourself “I don’t even look at the clearance racks”, well my friend, you are a better human than I. 

I am a person who uses coupons. I like finding deals, saving money, etc. When people ask me about my couponing, I literally get every excuse as to why they don’t do it. “There’s no coupons for what I want. It takes too much time. I don’t get it.” Etc, etc, etc. Well people, did you ever take into account that you truly don’t need coupons to save money?! I present to you, Target Clearance Finds. 

I feel like more and more lately, Target has more than half their store on clearance. But hey, i’m not complaining! I picked up some grass seed and plant food, leggings, tons of scrapbooking things, party supplies, a halloween costume I am going to use as a christmas present for baby girl, and a halloween baking book. Retail value? $100. What did I pay? $40! I saved SIXTY dollars, people! 

I also really like Targets clearance items because they have the percentage you’re getting off marked on the actual sticker. I love shopping at Target because I feel I can get my “retail therapy” out of the way without breaking the bank! 

Do you shop Target clearance items?
What has been your best find?

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“If I see anyone here I know, I’m going to die!”

The famous line I would always say to my mother when she dragged me into thrift stores….”If I see anyone here I know, I’m going to die!” Was I being a BIT of a dramatic 13 year old? Probably. But my mom would always counter my statement with “If they see you here, it’s because THEY ARE HERE TOO!” ….Touché mom, TOUCHÉ.

It’s funny looking back on times like that because I LOVE thrifting now. I literally get a rush from going to thrift stores and seeing what good deals I can find. It’s always a “win some, lose some” situation, but nonetheless it’s always fun! I’m glad that at a young age, in a world where everyone is in constant competition to look the best, I have appreciated the art of thrifting. Yes, I said ART, people! I truly believe I had one of the best hauls i’ve had this past week. Top 5 FOR SURE. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous. I by no means have a great sense of fashion but I do like looking put together. 

I found this cute swimsuit top. Although it MIGHT be a maternity top, i’m totally in love. I’ve wanted something a little more “conservative” for summer time and this was the perfect pick. It is a darker charcoal color and I figured with a bright colored bottom, this would look awesome!
Paid: $3.99 Brand: Old Navy

Who doesn’t love bright colored shirts?! I was drawn to this beauty for obvious reasons! I love the lace detail around the top and the shirt is beyond long! I LOVE long shirts! This material is so lightweight which is an added bonus.  
Paid: $4.99 Brand: H&M

My next blouse is just too adorable. Not much to it, but I loved the simplicity of it. I quickly learned, when looking for a retail price, “BLAIR” might OR MIGHT NOT BE an “old lady brand”. THIS SHIRT IS STILL CUTE, OKAY?! (Hashtag don’t judge me.) 
Paid: $4.99 Brand: Blair

Comfortable clothes are at the top of my list. I hate being in regular clothes any longer than I have to. I landed a SUPER comfy workout type jacket. “Activewear” they call it. HA! It should be called “Lounge around the house wear”. 
Paid: $3.99 Brand: Lucy 

Sweater season is fast approaching, is it not?! Well, if you live anywhere but the land of heat that I am from. Regardless, I love sweaters and couldn’t resist this one! 
Paid: $5.99 Brand: Sonoma Life & Style (Sold @ Kohls)

These next two dresses were probably two of my favorite finds in the history of finds! This blue dress is just to die for! All lace, stylish, fits me?! Perfection. The “country vibe” of this really screamed at me and I just couldn’t pass it up. 
Paid: $9.99 Brand: MERONA 

This dress is a little….”out there”. Let’s be honest, I think it’s what i’m most excited about! Bright colors, crazy patterns, perfect in every way! It fit like a glove and I loved the classiness of it. And people….it has POCKETS! P-O-C-K-E-T-S. If you don’t love pocket dresses, you must not love puppies. Or ice cream. Or all things wonderful! Okay kidding, but seriously. I’m in LOVE. 
Paid: $9.99 Brand: Emma and Michele 

Do you thrift store shop?
What have been your best finds?!
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