The Best Chilaquiles!

Okay, I can’t say the “best” because i’ve never actually had these before. However M approved, and that’s all I needed! This was such an easy meal to make and seriously SO delicious! This is a must try! 

food, dinner, recipe, chilaquiles

food, dinner, recipe, chilaquiles
-6 Corn Tortillas
-1-2 TBS Oil
-1/2 Cup Pinto Beans (or any beans of your choosing)
-1/4 Cup El Pato
-1/4 Cup Salsa 
-6 eggs
-A handful of Mexican Queso

First, cut your tortillas into triangles. I used a pizza cutter for this
food, dinner, recipe, chilaquiles

Next, heat your oil in a skillet of your choosing and place the tortillas inside. You want to let them fry in the oil for a few minutes until they are a little hardened up. 
food, dinner, recipe, chilaquiles

After the tortillas have cooked, place your El Pato, salasa, and pinto beans into the pan and cook until the tortillas soak up some of the sauces. 
food, recipe, dinner, chilaquiles

After this is done push all ingredients to the side to make room for the eggs. I chose to scramble mine, but you can cook them however you’d like. 

food, dinner, recipe, chilaquiles
After your eggs have cooked, all you need to do is top with your crumbled queso and cilantro and enjoy! 
chilaquiles, food, dinner, recipe

This is seriously such a simple meal. It was very filling and most importantly delicious. 😉 
Let me know if you try this one out! Thanks so much for reading! 

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Guest Post: Caprese Chicen Recipe!

{Today the lovely Rachel from RachMarie PR is gonna share an amazing Chicken Caprese recipe! I can’t wait to try this one out!}

I love anything Italian and basically anything caprese. Who doesn’t though, right!? So, when I saw a different variation of caprese chicken the boyfriend and I put our head together and came up with this version.

Super easy, quick and delicious! After eating my piece of chicken I even said, “I figured this would be really good but I can’t believe how good it really was, and how easy!” It was delicious. I can’t wait to cook, and eat, this again.

4 skinless chicken breasts kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
3 large garlic cloves, minced
cherry tomatoes, halved – to taste
10 large basil leaves, finely chopped
8 oz fresh buffalo mozzarella, sliced in 1/2 inch thick slices
balsamic vinegar – to taste


Salt and pepper both sides of chicken and set bake at 350 degrees for 30-35min, or until thoroughly cooked..
Combine halved cherry tomatoes (I actually cut mine into fours), olive oil, garlic and basil in a bowl.
When chicken has finished baking, remove from oven, layer the top of the chicken with slice mozzarella and tomato and basil mix.
Place chicken back in oven until cheese is melted. Remove from oven and drizzle balsamic vinegar to taste.

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Is Marriage Supposed To Be Hard?

I don’t know how many countless articles and blog posts I see with a reoccurring theme: 
“10 Ways To Stay Happy In Your Marriage” or 
“35 Best Ways To Love Your Husband Endlessly”

Although I don’t think these articles are bad, I feel like some of the messages they send aren’t the greatest. To me, when I see these, I see “marriage is, without fail, bad”. I am not naive to think there aren’t bad days in marriage. But with these articles, I feel a message is being sent that “no matter what, you will start falling out of love with your spouse” or “if you don’t do certain steps, your marriage won’t flourish”. To me, that is silly. 

My idea? Choose happy. 
Every day of your life, choose happy. 

I remember when M and I were moving and my mom asked “how many fights did you guys get in along the way?” I was so confused by this because my answer was none. Were we supposed to fight? We were supposed to have a hard time moving? 

What do you always hear about the first year of marriage? It’s the toughest, right?! Why? Because it’s new? Or because that’s the stigma put on the first year of marriage? Wouldn’t it be cool to start hearing “The first year of marriage is the BEST! Enjoy it!”. It’s sad that instead we are constantly reminded how hard the first year is. 

I almost feel as if the articles online implant ideas into women’s heads. “If your marriage isn’t at this point, it needs work.” “If you don’t do these things, you’re not a good wife.” 
Every person is different, along with each marriage is different. I think going into something EXPECTING the worst, you won’t get very far. I know no one goes into their marriage with that mindset, but what are these articles teaching us? Fighting is normal? Staying happy is only done a certain way? You need to be doing XY&Z to show your husband you love him? 

Again, I understand each person is different. But try this; every day wake up happy. Say “I love you” everyday. Consciously make an effort to never let your marriage wither away. But most of all? Don’t expect things to go to shit. Don’t believe statistics. Don’t tell yourself what happened to that marriage will happen to mine. 

I do think some of the articles on the web regarding marriage are great. Date ideas are so fun to read. But ways to save your marriage? I think that just implants ideas in peoples heads that it is unavoidable. Failing marriages are unavoidable. I’m here to tell you they’re not. Do what makes you happy. Nourish your marriage with all you have and put in the effort daily. 

Oh and also? Kiss that amazing spouse of yours EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 😉   
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Why I Am The Most Boring Person Ever

“Omg have you seen *insert a great movie title here*?!”


“Well have you seen *insert an even better movie title here*?!”

…..haven’t seen that one either….

I know this is one thing my husband just can’t wrap his head around. 
(Okay, I just got really excited calling him my HUSBAND! EEE!) 
I am here today to let you all in on a not-so-secret secret…

I. Hate. Movies.

*gasp*! WHAAAAT?! I know, crazy, huh? But hear me out. 
Let me explain WHY cinematography  just doesn’t tickle my fancy. 

When I was growing up, just like all parents, my parents had rules. Being a preachers daughter, my rules were a little different from my friends. Side note: my parents were VERY lenient and VERY rational, but when I was a teenager, I didn’t see that. Hello, do any kids think their parents are RATIONAL growing up?! NO. They’re all out to ruin our lives. 😉
Back to our rules…
One of our rules was this: No PG-13 movies until we were 15. I know, i know. Some of you are saying “WHAT?!?! I WATCHED RATED R FILMES WHEN I WAS 3.” Well good for you, but my parents were different. Really looking back on it, I didn’t think it was horrible. There is SO much in movies these days that kids don’t need to see. At 13 years young I wasn’t a “kid”, but I feel like my parents were “protecting my innocence” in a way. 
Fast forward to the age of 15 when I COULD see movies. By that point in time, I was so over seeing movies. I had passed up all the cool flicks my friends and seen and I just didn’t want to spend hours upon hours catching up. 

Fun story for you? When I turned 18, yes EIGHTEEN, I found out I was the ONLY one of my siblings who didn’t break this rule and go see a PG-13 movie in the theaters. To think I would put my parents through hell just a few short months later with the announcement of my pregnancy. Hahaha. 

Fast forward to my now “adult life”. I just don’t have the patience to sit through movies. Sure, M and I will go on dates to the theaters every now and then, but lets be honest it’s more for the popcorn and red vines I know I will soon devour. Okay, there are a few movies I like to sit through, but VERY FEW. 
Bridesmaids? Bring it on. Remember The Titans? A classic. Anything else? I’m probably not interested. 

Do you enjoy movies?
What is your favorite one?
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Our Last First Date

I know a lot of people have heard “our story” before, but today marks one year since my LAST first date, so I found it appropriate to share it with people again. 🙂 

M and I first met on February 9th. After meeting him I truly thought I wouldn’t talk to him again. Not that he wasn’t a great guy, it was just something I saw happening. I mean fairytales only happen in the movies, right? The day after Valentines day, and the day before our first date, M sent me the most gorgeous flowers at work. The card read “To my new best friend”. Little did I know, he truly WAS going to become my best friend! (And if you were wondering, I still have that card. I’m cheesy and sentimental like that.)

flowers, couple, love, dating, marriage, wedding

Our date night rolls around and I remember being SO nervous, but in the same sense I was trying to remain cool. I mean hey, he was an older guy. 😉 I was taking pictures of every outfit I owned, texting my friends asking what I should wear. Literally down to the jewelry. I finally found “THE OUTFIT”. Much to everyones disappointment, it wasn’t even that spectacular.  

ootd, ootn, date night, selfie

M picked me up and we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Flagstaff. Our waitress came by to get our drink order and M order wine. A whole bottle of it. I remember just thinking “WOW! That is FANCY!” Hahaha. 

wine, tavera, cork

This was the kind of date where I was nervous to eat because I didn’t want to miss my mouth or have pepper in my teeth. Ya, I was still nervous at this point. 
Our first date was literally the best date I had ever been on in my life. We talked about everything from friends, to life goals and favorite foods. I remember M telling me he wasn’t just dating to date, he wanted to be settled down within the coming years. Funny thing was that’s exactly where I was at with my life. Usually wanting to settle down drives men away makes them run the total opposite direction, but not with M. That’s when I knew he was different. 
Later that night we were just driving around my town and I asked him to pick a way to drive, left or right. Thank God he picked left. Due to the fact that he chose left, we drove out to a beautiful part of town, sat in the car, and shortly saw a big the largest shooting star i’ve seen in my existence. Seriously y’all, this was something you only see on TV. We saw it first hand! 

We both made sure to wish for something. 

After that first date, M and I didn’t spend a weekend apart from each other. I truly didn’t think things were going to work long distance, but they did. They were better than ever. 

If you would have told me a year ago that I was going to meet this man, move twice, buy a home, and get married, I seriously would have laughed. HARD. I didn’t see my fairytale happening for a few more years. God had different plans though. He had BIG plans for both of us. 

I found out on my wedding day, standing up there with my best friend, we both made the same wish the night we saw that shooting star. We both wished that was going to be our LAST first date. How amazing that it actually WAS our last first date? We are truly, TRULY blessed to have found each other. My life is so much more amazing with him. I wouldn’t trade our life for the WORLD. 

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Homemade BBQ Ranch Dressing & The $12 Salad!

We’ve had this dish twice now in the last two weeks. It is delicious! 
This is such a simple thing to put together and I promise you, everyone will love it! 
My dad raved about this dressing and told my mom she had to get the recipe, so here you go mom….and all other people interested in a delicious homemade dressing with the $12 salad. 

Okay, okay, okay…it’s not really $12. We were joking the first night we had this that if you were to order this salad at somewhere like ‘Chili’s’, it would be $12.

Ingredients for Dressing:

1/2 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup Mayonaise 
1/4 cup Buttermilk
1/3 cup BBQ Sauce Of Your Choosing
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon dried dill 
Salt and Pepper To Taste

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until smooth. 
I like to make this ahead of time and let it chill in the fridge for a little while, but however you do it is up to you. 


1 Head Romaine Lettuce
1/2 Can Black Beans
1/2 Can Corn
1-2 Avocados 
2 Tomatoes
2 Green Onions
2 Grilled Chicken Breasts


The awesome thing about this salad? It is SO versatile. You can truly add whatever you would like in it. This is what we have found works for our tastebuds, but again you can add anything you want! 
Add all ingredients into a bowl, mix, & enjoy! 

salad, homemade dressing, delicious

homemade dressing, salad, delicious

salad, homemade dressing, delicious

This dressing can be used on so many different things! It can be used as a dip, in wraps, and even on sandwiches! Try this one out, I promise you won’t regret it! 

Have you ever made homemade dressings before?
What is your favorite kind?!

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Vino Backyard Designs Review + GIVEAWAY!

My oh my!
 How cute is the product I get to review for you guys?!
I was sent this Monogrammed Stamp, however all opinions are my own. I also chose for our wedding date to be added, but the possibilities are endless as far as what to put on yours! 

If there’s one thing I love, it’s people who are starting their own business. It is something near and dear to me and I fully support anyone who is trying to do such a thing. 
That is exactly what Victoria and her boyfriend are doing with Vino Backyard Designs

I am a sucker for cute packaging. When my box came from Vino Backyard Designs I was so impressed by the packaging. I mean really, how adorable is this?!
I immediately tore this bad boy open because I was SO excited to see the product inside! Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed. 
monogram, stamp, crafting, diy
monogram, stamp, crafty, diy, vbd
I knew a stamp like this would be perfect when it came time to send out our Thank You cards from the wedding, and I was right! How amazing is that monogram in the middle?! Plus our wedding date? ADORABLE! I’m just truly truly in love with how cute these are! And using these on our thank you cards really did look awesome! (well, I think so anyway)
monogram, stamp, crafting, diy
monogram, stamp, crafting, diy
(my stamping needs work, hush)

I absolutely loved my monogrammed stamp! And now if you ever get mail from me, prepare to see this being used on the envelope. 😉 

Lucky for YOU guys, the amazing people behind Vino Backyard Designs want to giveaway a Monogrammed Return Address Stamp! Enter using the form below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Things I’m Bad At

For your entertainment, I present to you…the things I am bad at! 

1. Meal planning. In fact, I am writing this blog post in order to avoid meal planning. Do you meal plan? I need to find a simpler way of doing this! 

2. Using metal utensils on metal pans when I shouldn’t. Sometimes I just don’t have a clean rubber spatula when I need it. Don’t judge me. 

3. Staying on Pinterest far longer than acceptable. The plus side though? My home decor boards and recipe ideas are flowin’!

4. Getting my nails re-done when it’s time. I hardly get them done in the first place, so when I do, I usually let them grow out to an unacceptable, ridiculous looking state.  

5. Drinking the right amounts of water. I just simply don’t drink that much.

6. Having cute handwriting. I missed that class somewhere in my life and my handwriting has forever suffered. 

7. Scheduling blog posts when I should. Apparently all good bloggers meticulously plan out their posts. I on the other hand write them when i’m laying on my living room floor trying to avoid the things mentioned in point numero uno. 

8. Using far too many hashtags on instagram. #sorrynotsorry 

There you have it, a few things that i’m really bad at! 
Do we share any of these qualities?! Let me know. 😉 

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How To: The Perfect Patty

Sometimes there are people who can whip up the perfect hamburger concoction, form it into perfect little circles, and grill them up like a boss. 
I am not one of those people. 
And if you aren’t either, this is the perfect post for you!!

Tuesday night we decided to grill up some burgers for dinner. I had bought ground meat and thought to myself, “how hard could making a burger be?” Until I realized I had no clue what I was doing. But alas, I did it. It was delicious. It was magical. It was perfect. 

Although I will tell y’all what I put in the actual burger mix, the real beauty here is how to make the perfect patty! Seriously, prepare yourselves….

Burger Mix:
-Ground Meat
-Green Onion
-Salt and Pepper
Mix together in a bowl until combined. 
hamburger, burger patty, perfect hamburger
Alright people, ready for the magic?! I used a Pyrex bowl to mix everything in and then used the same bowl to press the patty into. BAM! The perfect circular patty! Literally the easiest thing on this planet. 
hamburger, burger patty, perfect burger
hamburger, burger patty, perfect burger
I was even thinking that using smaller sized Pyrex bowls, you could make different sized burgers. Obviously. But using the smallest bowl, you could make the easiest sliders of any kind! YUM! 
pyrex bowls
After I made these I was feelin’ like a champ. Literally walking out to the grill saying “Not gonna toot my own horn, but I did pretty DANG good on these patties!” And what do I do?! WHAT THE HECK DO I DO?! I dropped the plate. HAHAHA. Go ahead, laugh, because i’m still currently laughing about it. M clearly thought it was comical too because he said “make sure you put in your blog post that you dropped the plate of them.” Thanks babe, thanks. 

How do you make your burger patties?!
What’s your favorite kind of sliders?

(I am in no way affiliated with Pyrex and all opinions are my own)

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Officially a MRS!

Did you guys miss me?!
Eh, didn’t think so. But nonetheless, I’M BAAAACK!
And the most exciting part?! I’M NOW A MRS!
I feel like i’ve been waiting for this for just about forever, but in reality M and I haven’t even been together a year. 
Hey, i’m just excited we’re married now. Don’t judge me. 

To everyone who attended our wedding, contributed in some way, and sent kind words of encouragement, THANK YOU. You all mean the world to us. 
Our wedding was my idea of perfection. Everything from my makeup, to the food, to the weather. It was all flawless. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better day. 

I will starting a ‘wedding series’ on the blog to highlight each area of our wedding planning/big day. I think going through things step by step will be helpful to any other brides in the area or anyone taking on the task of wedding planning! 
I am excited to start this and I hope at least a few of you will be excited to read along! 
If you have any questions or specifics you’d like me to talk about in this series, please comment or shoot me an email. I love to hear from you guys! 

After the most amazing week away on our honeymoon, it’s actually nice to be home and getting into the swing of things. This weekend we have a little girl turing four and we have an entire house that needs unpacking/de-cluttering. Wish me luck! 

I hope all of you have had a wonderful few weeks! 
Did anything exciting happen in your life recently?!
Do you have any post-wedding tips?!
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