2013 Recap

2013 was nothing I expected it to be, yet everything I needed it to be. I never thought the year would start out the way it did or go as amazingly as it did. Everything I have ever hoped and dreamed for happened this year and I can’t wait for next year to see what adventures lie ahead of us! 

1. I met this one boy. 
In February I met this boy. I had no idea the amazing relationship that would soon start, but I am so beyond grateful that it happened.

(This is the first night we met. You can read more about that here.)
2. Another year of Country Thunder.
A lot of people wouldn’t add this to the list of “amazing events in a year”, but honestly this weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I got to spend it with my absolute best friends and it was perfection all wrapped up into a few days. 

3. I traveled outside of the United States for the first time and WE GOT ENGAGED! 
Hi, one of the biggest moments of my life! It was perfect in every single way.
(Eyes closed, but I still love this picture. 
Want to know more about how we got engaged?! 
Head over here.)

That is rather new news and i’m sure half of you are sick of hearing about it, but I do not care! 

This year has been a ridiculously amazing year. Baby girl has grown and learned so much, we’ve truly become a family, and our life is taking off full speed ahead of us! 2014 is going to be amazing! 
A wedding, baby girl turning FOUR, and a house we are continually turning into a home. 

What were your best highlights of 2013?
What are you most looking forward to in 2014?

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Home Tour (Before Remodel)

As stated in my first post about the home we purchased, we bought a fixer upper. This is something M and I wanted to venture into. We wanted a home with character and over the years we wanted to renovate it into a masterpiece. A lot of houses these days are “cookie cutter” homes, where each one in the neighborhood/development look the same. I knew I wanted nothing like that. M and I knew we would be taking on a big task with this home and we were right, there is a lot to do. We are so excited though and I can’t wait to share this adventure of ours on this blog for those of you who want to read along!

I figured I would start with a home tour. Pictures of the home from when we bought it. Some of y’all might think i’m joking with these pictures, but I assure you I’m not. Haha. These pictures truly came from the day after we closed and we hadn’t touched anything yet. If you have questions about any of the rooms, the layout, or general questions, please feel free to ask away! We have big plans for this house and like I said before we are very VERY excited!

The two pictures y’all have seen before, but this is the front view and the side of the house. 

The house from the backyard 
Our lovely blue-ceilinged living room. Classy, huh? We debated on keeping it like that. 😉

The fireplace I am very excited about! 
Our formal sitting room/play room/random room/I don’t know what it should be.
I especially love the front door in the middle, the sheep rug that was so kindly left for us, and the window we got to demo out of there. (Post to follow)

We have a bedroom to the right of this room, and the dining room off to the left of it.

We also have two kitchens. Yes, two. 
But not to worry, they won’t be staying the way they are right now. 
 (This is my favorite window in the house)

Laundry room that will quickly be something else 

Downstairs bathroom, stairs, and upstairs bathroom. 
Also along the wall is storage type closet things that we will use for the bedrooms upstairs. 

A glimpse of our master bedroom(which I realized I didn’t get any great pictures of), what will soon be my glorious closet, and the bathroom that goes with this bedroom. 

We also have a cute sunroom that I will soon fill with lots of crafty things/seasonal decorations/anything else my little heart desires. Hey, he has his own garage, so it’s fair…right?

And our backyard that seems to go on for forever. 
Just wait until we’re done with it, people! Just you wait! 😉

Anyone notice that nearly every floor in the house is a different type of floor?! As you can see, we have a lot of house to work with. There are still pictures of closets and random parts of the house I didn’t show that I figured might be better once we do our “Before & After” shots. We have a lot of projects in mind for this house and we have already started on a few projects! Once we finish each one you know they will be posted on the blog so KEEP POSTED! The worst thing about getting a fixer upper? You never realize how much paint you need AND how much paint costs! Hahaha. It has already been an adventure and I can’t wait!

Have you ever renovated a house before?
What if your favorite DIY project?

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Thank God For Little Girls

Each and every day my daughter reminds me why I love being a mom so much. Something about little girls is truly different. The way they talk, the way they act, and the way they react to certain situations. Sometimes baby girl will say things and I can’t help but laugh hysterically. Example? “I love you baby girl.” … “yes mommy, but do you love yourself too?!” 
The list goes on and on of why I simply love having a little girl. Here are a few. 

1. The way they watch you do your makeup, and then want to join in. 
There is nothing I love more than when baby girl says “mommy, can I have some too?” I understand some people might not agree with putting makeup on your kids, but when its all just fun and games, I think it’s okay! 

2. The way they want their nails done.
Baby girl is an avid nail girl. She always wants them painted and when they chip she tells you “mommy its broken, we need to fix it.” Its adorable, coming from a three-year old. 

3. The way bows (and hats) make everything cuter. 

4. The way no matter what they end up doing, you can’t help but laugh. Even when they do 
things like this:

5. Being a princess has no time or place. 

6. When they want to dress themselves, there is no stopping them.
And somehow, it’s still cute. 

7. Even when they make messes, they give you a smile that melts your heart. 

8. When people say, “you two look alike”, and it makes you smile. 

9. The way my little girl says “mommy, you’re my best friend.”

10. And last but not least, the way little girls look in these cute things. 

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You are not ENTITLED to anything

You know what really irritates me? When waiters/waitresses constantly bash people who don’t tip 18% or above. I have seen so many things going viral lately about “poor tippers” and peoples reaction to them. Well here’s MY reaction. 

When I go out to eat, I go out for a different experience outside of my kitchen. I go so I don’t have to cook. I go so I don’t have to clean up. And with that being said, I go to get waited on. I have a certain expectation when going into restaurants and I tip accordingly to the service I get. With that being said, your job as a waiter/waitress is to fulfill that for me, am I wrong? You have a job to do. If I am being ignored or talked to rudely, why would I WANT to tip someone like that? (Just for the record, I always tip just some tips are better than others.) 

It irritates me to no end when waiters/waitresses say they are ENTITLED to an 18% tip. Says WHO?! No single human is entitled to anything in this world. It drives me crazy that waiters/waitresses try to argue that they only get paid $3/hr and live off tips. I understand that, I do. I was a waitress at one point in my life. But nonetheless, you do not deserve a good tip just because you get paid a lower amount. Get a new job if you hate “living off tips”. You are CHOOSING to have this job at that point in your life. 

Do you deserve a good tip if you provide good service? Absolutely. But you by no means are ENTITLED to a tip just because you get paid $3/hr. It infuriates me seeing things going viral about bad tippers. Did you ever stop to think maybe they had terrible service? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the waiter/waitress was a complete jerk to the people at the table? 

I understand sometimes that isn’t the case. But over the past few days, it has so heavily annoyed me when everyone keeps saying that waiters or waitresses automatically deserve an amazing tip. 
Am I the only one who feels this way? 

We live in such a skewed society. We are constantly told we deserve more than we work for. I truly feel if you work hard for something, you deserve it. But you don’t deserve it “just because”.

Okay, rant over. Let the hate comments flow. 
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FELS-NAPTHA Laundry Bar & Stain Remover & GIVEAWAY!

I was sent this product for review, however all opinions are my own. 

I received this product on behalf of Purex and I am so excited to share it with you all today! 
“Fels-Naptha is a laundry bar that works overtime to remove your toughest stains. Whether it is dirt, grease, or a ring-around-the-collar, a bar of Purex Fels-Naptha can clean up the mess.”

When I first received this package in the mail, I was instantly taken over with the aroma from the laundry bar. I knew if I could smell it through the package, this laundry bar meant business! 

A few weekends ago for my bridal shower I had purchased new white shoes. Good idea, minus the fact that it was outdoors and I got mud on them. Depressing, huh? So what do I naturally try to do? Rub it off with a paper towel. No luck. 

When I got home,  I remembered the package I had gotten before I left and I figured I would give this laundry bar a try.   
I followed the directions that said “1. Wet stain, the run with bar 2. Wait 1 minute and wash as normal”

I wet the areas where there was mud, rubbed the bar on, and waited. However, this is where I got nervous. The bar left a yellow residue on the stain and I thought it was going to leave yellow marks on my cute new shoes. 

ALAS! I waited a minute and rubbed off the laundry bar. The stains were gone! How awesome is that?! The mud wasn’t there any more! 

This is a very heavy scented laundry bar which I’m not sure if I love that or not yet. I want to try to shred this down and use it in a homemade laundry detergent. Would anyone be interested in seeing that? Let me know in the comments below! 

Now who doesn’t love free coupons?!
Purex has also sent me coupons for some of YOU to try this laundry bar for FREE! 
Just enter the giveaway below!  (There will be 3 winners)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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We are homeowners, wait what?!

If this is the only social networking site you follow me on, well…get with the program and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. 😉 
As of tuesday, WE ARE HOMEOWNERS! Crazy, right?!
Do you remember the post about becoming a stay at home mom? Well part of that is that we knew we were going to be moving. Actually, since the end of August when we put our offer in on the home we now own. I know, I know…i’m sorry for keeping the secret for so long! I just didn’t want something to fall through and then we didn’t have a house and I would have to explain everything and so forth and so on. So nonetheless, here’s our announcement, WE HAVE THE HOUSE! Can you tell i’m excited?

The week M told me to quit my job was also the week we decided we hated where we were living (okay, maybe just me hating it) and making this move would benefit us in every aspect of our life. 
A fun little recap of our buying experience? We placed our offer at the end of August. We thought this was going to be a quick process hoping that no one else was placing offers on the house. (And let’s be honest, that was a far off chance that someone was, even though our realtor told us there was.) Moving forward and QUEUE GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN! Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal other than the fact that it affected our GOVERNMENT LOAN. Annoying, right?
After the lovely two(ish) weeks of waiting this out, it turned out our loan wasn’t going to work after all. Did I mention we had already packed up our things, put stuff in storage, and moved in with my future in-laws? Lucky for me, my in-laws are amazing and home cooked meals are always a plus. 

Back to our loan…we quickly changed things around, fixed our loan, and got things rolling again. I felt like every week we would hear “we will know more next week.” It was killing me. Finally on Monday, M went a signed the papers we needed to get signed, and Tuesday the house was all OURS! 
Everyone keeps asking “omg I wanna see pictures!” I get it people, you want to stalk me. 😉 Hahaha. 
I kid, I kid! But in all honesty, we bought a fixer upper. It’s not your cookie cutter home. It isn’t in a development and we aren’t picking out which light fixtures or upgrades we want added to our layout. We wanted a house with character, we wanted a house we could work on, we wanted a house we could truly make our own HOME. 

Over the next months, I will be posting our journey of home renovations and DIY projects. Y’all just WAIT until you see the awesome before and after pictures that are about to swarm my blog! We are both so excited for this next chapter! Having a home is a huge step and I seriously can’t believe we have been so blessed with such an amazing life together! Here’s to the next part of our adventure! Cheers! 

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Eat Smart Soup!

I was sent this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. 

You know those quick and ‘easy-to-make’ meals? Let’s be honest, some days those are my favorite. The soups from Smart Soup have helped me accomplish that on more than one occasion lately. Although we are not gluten free eaters, these soups are gluten free and I know that appeals to a lot of lifestyles these days. They have seven awesome flavors and I can’t wait to try all seven. So far we have tried, Santa Fe Corn Chowder and French Lentil. These soups can be cooked one of two ways, on the stove or in the microwave. I have tried each way and I think microwaving works the best. The boxes contain two frozen pouches and I love that for portion control. If you only want to serve one person, you don’t have to make a whole thing of soup and store the rest, you just pull out one bag. How awesome is that?! 
With the Corn Chowder I just mixed up some corn bread and served it with that. Ironic, eh? (Did I mention this company is based out of Canada?) 
With the French Lentil soup I paired it with a grilled cheese sandwich and it was delicious. I don’t know why I was expecting these to taste like “healthy” soups because they were gluten free, but I really enjoyed them. Each of the soups i’ve tried has had a lot of flavor and like I said before, I can’t wait to try the rest! I am most excited about Greek Minestrone and Moroccan Chick Pea! 
Have any of you tried Smart Soups before? 

This was the French Lentil soup with Grilled Cheese. I forgot to take a picture of the box. Oops. 


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The biggest blonde moment of my life

I am praying I am not the only human to have done this. You know those things that happen and you are just uncontrollably laughing at how….stupid you are? Welcome to the biggest blonde moment of my entire life.
Wedding planning is fun, right? 
All the lovely pictures you put on Pinterest going into action, right?! 
Unless you’re me, and you realize how poor you are and that your Pinterest board is a far off pigment of your imagination. Nonetheless, wedding planning IS getting done around here! This is the time of the planning process where you pick out invitations and mail them out to all your amazing guests. Apparently you’re supposed to order a million “sample” invitations and decide what ones you like. How many “samples” did I order? Oh you know, none. And apparently you’re supposed to hire a calligrapher. In the wise words of my soon to be husband, “you only hire those if you’re rich”. Touché future husband, touché. None the less, I found some wedding invitations online that I loved. And how did I decide which ones to pick do you ask? The coupon code they sent me! Okay, just kidding. (Kind of) 
Really though, the invitations we ordered are perfect in every way and I LOVE them. 
Now for the good part? Here I am in my head: “So we have 135 people on the guest list, so order a few more than that…so the option for 144 invitations would be enough.”….enough was an understatement. 
Silly little me didn’t take into account that 135 people included couples and families and invitations that were being sent to the SAME ADDRESS. Moral of the story? I ordered about 3/4 too many invitations. The upside? I still LOVE the invitations and we got an AWESOME deal on them! 

Okay okay, you can all laugh at me now. Because let’s be honest, i’m still dying laughing at my stupidity. HAHAHA. 
Am I the only person who has ever done this?! I really really hope not. 
So uh….if anyone wants a wedding invitation for you know….scrapbooking….or fire starter…or whatever, hit a girl up. 😉 

Our invitations we’re sending out

The amount of invitations we have left over
Thank you for reading along in my absolutely stupidity. Feel free to judge me at any time. Hahaha. 
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5 Foods I Loathe

You know those foods that just make you cringe? Step into my world of absolute disgust as I tell you about the top five foods on this planet that I can not stand. 

1. Mayo
You know that episode of Honey Boo Boo where she licks the spoon of mayo? Ya, I almost threw up. I’m not afraid of it like Mama June, but I do hate it. Something about that white spread just makes me quiver. Can you blame a girl?

2. Jello
Jello is a consistency issue for me and I just do NOT like it. Something about the slimy, block like sugar substance just doesn’t fancy my tastebuds. 

3. Tuna
Tuna is probably the worst smelling stuff on this entire planet. Why? I’m not sure. But I would be a happy camper if I never smelt it again in my life time. Another problem with tuna? The majority of time people eat it, they mix it with mayo. Refer to answer one and you will find my dilemma.

4. Chili Cheese Fritos
A terrible combination at its finest. 

5. Celery
The funny thing about my hate for celery? I love the smell of it. If i’m ever cooking with it, or giving it to someone as a snack, I absolutely love the smell of it. If you’re one of those people who is going to tell me “celery doesn’t have a taste”, you can put a cork in it. IT DOES HAVE A TASTE AND IT IS TERRIBLE! Not only is it terrible, I feel like the taste of celery lingers in my mouth for WEEKS after i’ve eaten it and i’m constantly reminded of how terrible it is! 

There’s my fun food rant of the day for you! 
Which foods do you hate?
Do like or dislike the foods on my list?!

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