Bridal Shower Galore!

How lucky am I to have had TWO amazing bridal showers?! My family threw M and I one in Ohio, and then we had an all girls one here in Arizona. 
Our shower in Ohio was awesome because M got to meet so much of my family. And my favorite part? The amazing cake my dad and his wife had ordered for the party. It was DELICIOUS! 

My sister made all the banner decorations at this party as well as the centerpieces and they were absolutely perfect! 

The next party was thrown by two of my bridesmaids. It was at the cutest restaurant and the set up was absolutely adorable. I would describe it as an “american tea party” type of place. The food was delicious and the service was amazing! 

How cute is this bag?! I call it the “Honeymoon Swag Bag”. It had every essential one would need for a honeymoon trip to Mexico! This was a gift from two of my bridesmaids and I think it is perfect! If you are ever wondering what to get a bride, I would recommend something like this! It came with sandals, a swim suit, a ‘just married’ tank top, swimsuit cover-up, a book, sunglasses, sunscreen, aloe vera, lotion, and other things I will absolutely be using!

I LOVED both my showers and I can’t thank everyone enough who contributed to them! M and I are so thankful for the family we have and how gracious everyone has been! Thank you again to everyone who came to each of these parties! We appreciate you all so so much! 

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College Starter Pack Giveaway!

Who wants to win some sweet bedding?! Myself and some other awesome ladies are here to bring you this giveaway! Enter via the Rafflecopter form below and GOOD LUCK! 🙂 
Our College Market -Giveaway 
 Enter to win the amazing college Started Pack show in the above image. The Starter Pack includes:

  • 2 extra-long fitted sheets
  • 2 extra-long flat sheets
  • 2 standard pillow cases
  • 1 extra-fluffy pillow
  • 1 extra-long reversible comforter
  • 1 extra-long quilted mattress pad
  • 2 all-cotton bath towels
  • 2 matching cotton hand towels
  • 2 matching cotton wash cloths
  • 1 extra-long thermal cotton blanket
  • 1 bedside buddy

Giveaway is open to US residents, and will start 11/13 running for 2 weeks. Please see terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter form above for more information. 
Thank you and Good Luck Everyone!! 
This Giveaway is being sponsored by Our Campus Market and being brought to you by the following bloggers. 
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Homemade Pizza!

Let’s talk about how heavenly pizza is. The possibilities for pizza are endless and that’s why I would put pizza on my list of ‘Top 5 Favorite Foods’. Even better than just regular pizza? Making “homemade” pizza. Not only is it fun to do, but I love the different combinations you can come up with. Making pizzas are incredibly easy and also a great thing for kids to take part in! Last night I made two kinds; Pesto Spinach Artichoke and Buffalo BBQ Chicken.


Pesto Artichoke Spinach Pizza
-One crust
-Parmesan cheese
-Pesto (I used store bought but you could use homemade if you like it better)

Buffalo BBQ Chicken Pizza
-One crust
-Fully cooked shredded chicken.
-Buffalo sauce
-BBQ sauce
-Pizza cheese

For the Pesto Artichoke Spinach pizza I lightly brushed the crust with olive oil. Then I spread an even amount of pesto on the crust, followed by a few handfuls of spinach, artichokes, and a few handfuls of parmesan cheese. It’s as simple as that people! 

Next I did the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I had leftover buffalo chicken from appetizers I made the night before. However, it doesn’t take much to make the chicken. Cook up the chicken, shred it, and toss it in buffalo sauce. There you have it. For this pizza, I also brushed the crust with olive oil. I then spread BBQ sauce on the crusted, spread the buffalo chicken around evenly, and topped it off with a few handfuls of cheese. 

I baked each of these in the oven at 425 degrees for about 10 mins. 10 MINS PEOPLE! 

I promise you all, there is no easier dinner! And the best part? It’s about what YOU like! Don’t like spinach? Don’t use it. Want less cheese? By all means don’t use so much cheese!!

Do you like homemade pizza?
What’s your favorite combination?

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5 Current Goals

Goals. Everyone has them. Quite frankly, mine probably aren’t much different from anyone else’s I know. However, they’re the goals I am trying to achieve right now. I think having goals are important because it keeps you striving for something to better yourself or others. Without further ado, my current goals. 

1. Exercise more. Or at all. I ran today for the first time in just about forever. I know you are all expecting me to say “IT FELT AWESOME!” or “It was totally worth it!” But you know what? It kind of sucked. A lot. It took everything in me to reach my goal of running/walking one mile. But I did it. And like M told me, “It will just be that much easier tomorrow”. He’s right. Tomorrow will be a better day at the run and each day is a new day for new running/exercising goals. I’m not concerned with losing weight exactly, although that would be awesome, I just wanted to be healthier and more in shape! 

2. Eat better. Who doesn’t want this in their life? There’s always room for improvement. In my case? A lot of improvement. I love ice cream, popcorn, snacking on candy, and eating really bad for me foods. The next few weeks I am going to try really watching what i’m eating and also what i’m cooking for my family. 

3. Try to cut dairy out. A few years ago I became allergic to dairy. Don’t tell me “wow that sucks”,I KNOW IT DOES!!! I don’t think i’ll ever be able to fully cut dairy out, but I am taking baby steps to do what I can do quit eating it in every single thing I eat. Because lets be honest, being sick every day is becoming really, REALLY old. 

4. Not stress about the wedding. Dream big, right? Just kidding. I just don’t want to become bridezilla in the next two months and be the girl everyone hates. I’m trying to stay calm while still getting things done. It’s possible, right?

5. Swoon my handsome. With the wedding coming so soon and a million other things taking place right now, I want to make a serious effort to keep things exciting with M and I. Seems silly, but hey, it is a goal. (PS, I LOVE YOU BABE!)

I feel like writing down goals helps you stay accountable a little easier. Also, posting it on the internet gives you crazy people who read my blog permission to kick my butt about any of the above listed goals. 😉 

Do you have current goals?
How do you stay on track?

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How many of you are addicted to the Target clearance end caps? Come on, raise your hand! NO SHAME HERE, PEOPLE! If you’re not raising your hand, I question your existence, or commitment to Target. If you thought to yourself “I don’t even look at the clearance racks”, well my friend, you are a better human than I. 

I am a person who uses coupons. I like finding deals, saving money, etc. When people ask me about my couponing, I literally get every excuse as to why they don’t do it. “There’s no coupons for what I want. It takes too much time. I don’t get it.” Etc, etc, etc. Well people, did you ever take into account that you truly don’t need coupons to save money?! I present to you, Target Clearance Finds. 

I feel like more and more lately, Target has more than half their store on clearance. But hey, i’m not complaining! I picked up some grass seed and plant food, leggings, tons of scrapbooking things, party supplies, a halloween costume I am going to use as a christmas present for baby girl, and a halloween baking book. Retail value? $100. What did I pay? $40! I saved SIXTY dollars, people! 

I also really like Targets clearance items because they have the percentage you’re getting off marked on the actual sticker. I love shopping at Target because I feel I can get my “retail therapy” out of the way without breaking the bank! 

Do you shop Target clearance items?
What has been your best find?

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Our first Halloween as a family!

This was our first Halloween together as a family and boy was it a fun one! It was also the first year i’ve done anything close to the festivities we took part in. Growing up I just went trick-or-treating. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lots of fun. But this year was different. We got together with his family and the kids played game, we had dinner, and we all went trick-or-treating together. Making memories like these are what I live for. I’m excited that we are making memories together and baby girl is making so many new friends, her cousins! 

Baby girl woke up and was VERY excited for it to be Halloween! She helped Grandma make mommy and daddy orange scrambled eggs and pumpkin shaped french toast! 

Mommy took the easy way out with decorating pumpkins this year and we just used paint. Sue me. If you have ever seen me carve a pumpkin before, you would understand my reasoning behind this. 


These are just a few pictures from our fun night! Baby girl had such a fun night! I asked her how her halloween was and she said it was “GREAT!” I would say that’s a success! And let’s talk about how cute this “shaggy dog” is! Seriously the cutest costume ever! 

Do you have any Halloween traditions?
Do you dress up as an adult?

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Balsamic Mushroom Chicken

This dish has quickly become a favorite with our family! Something about all the flavor combinations just REALLY hits the spot! I have so many recipes pinned on my Food Board via Pinterest and I love trying new things out. That is where I found this next recipe. The original recipe comes from THIS BLOG.

With no further ado, I present….BALSAMIC MUSHROOM CHICKEN!
 (Aka, one of the best dinner dishes ever.)

1 Medium Onion – Thinly sliced
1 1/2 lb. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
5 Tbs. Butter – Divided
½ Cup Chicken Broth
1 Cup Heavy Cream
2 Tbs. Balsamic Vinegar
8 oz. Baby Bella Mushrooms – Halved
½ Cup Parmesan Cheese
Salt and Pepper – To Taste

Lightly season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper on both sides.

In a large saut̩ pan over low-medium heat, add 2 Tbs. butter, onions and salt and pepper. Cook until onions are nice and caramelized РAbout 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and set aside.

In a separate pan, over medium-high heat, pan-sear the chicken breasts in remaining 3 Tbs. of butter. Brown on both sides – Remove from pan and set aside. (Chicken will not be fully cooking during this stage)

De-glaze the pan with chicken broth. Using a rubber spatula, scrape the pan and mix in any remaining bits of chicken. Let simmer 5 minutes.

Reduce heat to low, add heavy cream, balsamic vinegar, mushrooms and a little salt and pepper. Let simmer 10 minutes.

Add chicken breasts back to the sauce pan, and simmer until the chicken is cooked all the way through. About 10-15 minutes

Remove chicken breasts from the pan and plate. Add the Parmesan cheese and caramelized onions to the sauce and stir until the cheese is melted in to the sauce. Pour sauce over top of chicken.

Prep Time – 20 Minutes
Cook Time – 40 Minutes

Seriously people, TRY THIS! We have had this with a combination of side dishes including rice and asparagus. Both were delicious! 
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Our Weekend!

Fall is seriously one of the most beautiful seasons ever! Who agrees?!

I love fall for so many reasons. Including dressing in sweaters and hats and scarves, OH MY! If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen this picture. But I can’t help it! How cute is she?!
This weekend we took a drive to try and catch some of the leaves still changing. Although the majority of them had already fallen, it was a fun drive and we got to shoot some guns. How can you go wrong with that?! 😉 

How awesome are these targets?! Want to check them out? Head over HERE to look at all of the ones they offer! 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Do you enjoy the fall or another season more?

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Post 9: How you hope your future will be like.

Fame, fortune, and nice things. Isn’t that what everyone hopes for?! 😉
Oh chill, i’m kidding! Halfway

I like to think of myself as an entrepreneurial type of person and the man i’m going to marry is definitely that type of person. I remember the first night we met and we each talked about having our own businesses someday. We both want to be financially stable from our own money. We don’t want to work for other people. Above everything, I think we each want to set a good example for our kids on how to build things up and how to make things truly your own. I would say at least once a week M and I talk about new business ideas or new product ideas. I love that about our relationship. We feed off each other in such a unique way that I truly haven’t had in any other relationship. 

Obviously in the future I want more kiddies. I grew up in a big family and I could never imagine having just one child. Baby girl is going to be SUCH an amazing big sister and I can’t wait for the day we get to tell her the news that we are having a baby! 

A home is a big part of my “future”, or my right now I guess. I want a place to be OURS. I don’t care where it is, or how big it is, I just want a place we call HOME. I want a place our kids get excited to come home to. I want a place our kids make memories in. I want a place we share holidays in. THAT is what’s important to me. 

I like to think my future will be fun. M and I always say to each other “THIS is our life”. Like neither of us can believe that our life is this great, or this fun, or this amazing. We love to talk about crazy and wild ideas we might do one day and I think that’s what keeps things exciting.
The future used to scare me. Not knowing what was to come. But now I am beyond excited about it. I’m excited I get to spend each passing day with my best friend. I’m excited we are making all these dreams of ours happen. I’m excited that each day I get to look at things and decide how our FUTURE will be. Truly our life is beautiful. I’m not naive to think the future might be hard, but i’m also hopeful that we are the type of people to make anything happen. We want so badly for our dreams to come true for ourselves and for our kids. That makes me happy. There is truly no greater joy than knowing I am trying my best for my family. 

Do you have any plans for the future?
Long or short term goals?

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Post 8: A moment you felt most satisfied with your life.

I wholeheartedly believe when you’re doing what you love, and you’re with the people you love, THAT is when you should be most satisfied. 
For me, that time is right now. 
I’ve always dreamed about being a wife and a mom and those are both realities for me right now. (Well, the wife part will come in about three months!) 😉
There is no greater satisfaction than hearing the words “mommy”. If you’re a mom, you know what I mean. Being responsible for another little human is what truly makes me happy. I love taking care of her and I love making sure she’s happy. 
And going hand in hand with that, I love the man that makes this all possible for me and being with him makes me the happiest i’ve ever been. I know I talk about M a lot, but I can’t help it! 
Hello, he’s AMAZING. 😉 
But all kidding aside, my life would be nothing like it is right now without him. He makes staying home with baby girl a reality. He pushes me to chase my dreams. And above everything, he loves me just the way I need to be loved. 
This time in my life right now is something I thought wouldn’t come for another 10+ years. I can truly, TRULY say I am satisfied with life right now. My life is perfect to me and it just keeps getting better, how lucky am I?!

When are YOU most satisfied with life?
Is there a certain event that made you feel most satisfied?

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