7 Things To Do With Leftover Spaghetti

We’ve all been there. Ladies, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. We embark on the endeavor of making dinner, trying to be fancy with that spaghetti, and we end up making enough to feed every homeless person in your entire state. Yup, we’ve ALLLLL done it. DON’T YOU FRET my friends! Today we (my husband … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Not To Start A Blog

When it comes to blogging I get one question asked over, and over, and OVER again. “How do I start a blog?” As much as I would truly love to help people branch into the world of blogging, that is such an open-ended question and I have NO idea where to start with it. I can … [Read more…]


Okay, here it is. No forewarning on this blog post because i’m just going for it. I’M BLOGGING FULL TIME. I want to, AND I WILL, start pursuing this blog FULL. TIME. Most of you are right now are probably saying “okay, so what?” and clicking that little ex to get out of this blog post. Bye Felicia. But … [Read more…]

You’re Not Better Than Anyone…

I see it so many times on the internet…“I’m so glad i’m not married.” “I’m way too young to have kids.”“I don’t know why people put their lives on the internet.”“People just need to enjoy their lives and not worry about being settled down.”Here’s a public service announcement for you….YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE BECAUSE … [Read more…]

When Your 5 Year Old Hates You

It’s been such a fun week. Like the kind of week you just want to keep having over and over and over again! The kind of week where your dryer breaks, then your fridge, then your hot water heater…all in the matter of four days. AFTER you just bought your fridge off craigslist and paid an … [Read more…]

Life Update & What’s Coming! (A GIVEAWAY?!)

HOLY MOLY. Where has the time gone?!?I feel like I say this with every blog post lately, but WOW i’ve been gone for awhile! I really really REALLY want to change that. Does anyone even miss me in bloglandia?!Our life has taken huge turns lately and i’m still getting used to them! If you’re interested … [Read more…]

Dear Five Year Old Daughter

Dear Five Year Old Daughter, Being your mom is my most favorite thing. Ever.But there are times I want to absolutely run away and cry.I want to write these times down so some day you might look back on this crazy life we’ve been living together and laugh, cry, or maybe even appreciate the memories … [Read more…]

HP Instant Ink Review!

{I was excited and humbled for this opportunity to review HP Instant Ink and to receive the HP Envy printer. This product was sent to me for review purposes however ALL opinions expressed in this post are my own and honest.} You know you’re an adult when the thought of new printer ink gets you more excited … [Read more…]

NoGii Product Review!

{I was sent these products for review purposes, however all opinions are my OWN and are HONEST}Do you love all things carbs and buttery, flakey, gluten(y) goodness?! Well, this post probably isn’t for you. But nonetheless, I do have to tell you about some of the most delicious treats on the market, whether you’re gluten free or … [Read more…]

Your Summer Date Ideas Are Horrible

(Disclaimer: this post is all in good fun)I’ve seen this post going viral lately. 25 Things Every Couple Should Do This Summer. Cute, right?! Well, let’s take a look at this list and talk about what each of these things ACTUALLY mean…1. Go skinny-dippingOkay, this one isn’t too bad. Get naked together and do yo thang … [Read more…]